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Mental Health Benefits of a Nutritional Diet

Dec 24, 2019
Paisley Hansen
Core Spirit member since Nov 19, 2019
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Having a good diet can not only be beneficial for your physical health, but it can also have advantages for your mental health as well. Here are some of the best results of having a diverse and nutrient-dense meal plan.

Lessen Anxiety and Depression

The amount of people suffering from mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety, is vast across the United States, and all over the world. If you do not want to treat your chemical imbalances with medication, then you may want to make some changes to your diet in order to feel better. Some foods that have been shown to combat symptoms of mental illness are eggs, dark chocolate, yogurt, and green tea. They are known to increase the amount of serotonin and dopamine that is released by your brain, which will balance out your levels.

Feel More Alert

One of the lesser known benefits of having a varied and whole food diet is that it can have a huge effect on your cognizance and ability to process information, as well as the ability to focus. Many companies, such as Constellation Nutrition, have made it their mission to discover all of the cognitive benefits of eating clean and nutritionally dense foods. Some of the most popular options for aiding in your brain health include blueberries, dark chocolate, coffee, and broccoli. It is easy to include these various ingredients in your meals, and reap the rewards of feeding your body and your brain.

Boost Confidence

Developing healthy eating habits is a great way to enhance your feelings of confidence about creating and sticking to a diet regimen. The more you continue to add healthier ingredients to your meals, the more confident you will feel in your ability to make lasting changes to your lifestyle. You will also be able to be more adventurous and experiment with ingredients that you may not have before. In addition, any food that will help to improve your appearance, such as your hair, skin, or nails, will aid you in feeling better about yourself and your evolving dietary habits.

Be More Joyful

In addition to ingredients that can battle mental illness, there are also a variety of foods that release chemicals to elevate your happiness overall. For example, the avocado contains tryptophan, an amino acid that helps the brain in its production of serotonin. Walnuts and many other varieties of nuts contain a large amount of Vitamin B, which are essential in lessening stress and fatigue. Most surprising, however, is dark chocolate, which has phenylethylamine. This is the chemical that your brain releases when you are beginning to fall in love, so try eating some if you want a blast of good feeling hormones.

Increase Self-Esteem

One of the obvious benefits of switching your diet is that you will feel better and most likely begin to lose weight, which in turn can have a huge impact on your self-esteem, and how you feel when you look in the mirror. Foods that contain fatty acids, such as omega threes and sixes, help to stimulate neural pathways in the brain, therefore improving your mood and confidence. You can also educate others about your new lifestyle and feel good about sharing your recipes, exercise tips, and ways to make any healthy meal delicious and nutritious.

There are a myriad of benefits to having a well balanced diet. With these perks, you are sure to feel the positive effects of nutritional eating on both your body and your mind. Once you begin to make necessary changes to your eating habits, you will begin to see the advantages of changing your lifestyle.

Paisley Hansen
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