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What Are The Key Benefits Of Deep Tissue Massage
Jan 23, 2020

Reading time 4 min.

Deep tissue massage involves applying firm pressure to the muscles and the connective tissues. The sustained pressure applied using slow strokes helps relieve the pain and tension in a muscle following an injury.

Deep tissue massage can treat chronic backaches, muscle tightness, and sore shoulders, among other things. In exceptional circumstances, deep tissue massage can be used to hasten healing by increasing blood flow to the area of injury and reducing inflammation.

Thus, various deep tissue massage in Alexandria VA, or anywhere in the world, can cure multiple physical and psychological problems and improve your immunity.

Here are key benefits of a deep tissue massage:

1. Treats Muscle Pain

As mentioned, deep tissue massage involves extra force that infuses blood flow into the muscles. Whether you have muscle pain due to incorrect postures or just a muscle pull, this type of massage therapy will loosen the muscles and release the pain and stiffness.

While pressing your feet, for instance, can give you temporary relief, getting it firmly massaged for 10 minutes will provide you with more significant benefits.

Whether you’re an athlete or an employee who sits behind the desk from 9-to-5, deep tissue massage will make your chronic muscle pain go away.

2. Lowers Blood Pressure

If you go for a deep tissue massage, you’ll no longer worry about hypertension. Massage releases stress from the muscles, which reduces the stress hormone levels in the body.

In the process, your body and mind will feel relaxed. The blood pressure subsequently goes down to normal levels. Thus, if you have problems with high blood pressure, then consider having a deep tissue massage session. It could be an excellent remedy for your condition!

3. Become More Flexible

Stiffness is caused by the presence of tight knots in your muscles. Since deep tissue massage applies strong force into the muscles, it’ll destroy the tight knots in the process.

Your muscles will stretch, loosen up, and gain flexibility. The more you have deep tissue massage, the more active and mobile you’ll become. Thus, if you want to reap the benefits of deep tissue massage, be consistent about it.

Don’t you desire feeling flexible and to do any physical activity at home? Then book for a deep tissue massage session.

4. Detoxifies The Body

As you get served, the knots give way to the pressure applied to the muscles. And, the toxins that got trapped within get released into the blood.

Fresh and oxygenated blood rushes to fill the space created by the destroyed knots. The blood gets rid of the toxins, and you begin to feel relieved. Thus, deep tissue massage cleanses your body of harmful chemicals, too!

5. Heals Injuries

If you had an injury that strained your muscles, then getting a deep tissue massage is an excellent remedy! By forcing blood flow into your muscles, it reduces inflammation and provides nutrients to the injured regions. Thus, this type of massage therapy promotes muscle-injury healing.

If you have other types of injuries that involve scars, then deep tissue massage therapy can prevent the formation of scars. When you apply pressure around an injured area, the scar tissues break down before they get visible.

6. Reduces Stress

Is your day stressful? Having a deep tissue massage can also be therapeutic.

Massages alter hormonal levels in the body. A massage that applies strong pressure, like deep tissue massage therapy, will have a more significant impact.

The stress hormone levels will reduce as you get massaged, while the oxytocin hormone will rise to make you feel happier. Thus, deep tissue massage to relieve stress.

7. Promotes Sleep

Still don’t know why you have sleepless nights? It’s because something is disturbing you and you don’t know how to solve it.

Deep tissue massage reduces the levels of stress hormones and makes you calm. You’ll have a good sleep after a deep tissue massage session in Alexandria, VA. Your mind will be at peace for the first time in years!

8. Cures Serious Muscle Problems

Deep tissue massage therapy cures multiple conditions that medications can’t do. Whether you’re suffering from sciatica, tennis elbow, arthritis, piriformis syndrome, or fibrillation, deep massage therapy can be the ultimate cure.

9. Improves Posture

Your sense of self-worth is connected to posture. Luckily, getting a deep tissue massage therapy can improve your posture.

As mentioned earlier, the firm pressure applied by the masseuse on your muscles removes any knots and stretches them to become more flexible, relieving you from stiffness. After the massage, you’ll find it easy walking with an upright posture.

10. Improves Your Immunity

Deep tissue massage therapy helps expel toxins out of the body. By allowing blood flow into previously stiff regions, it enables the white blood cells to fight pathogens that may be present in such areas.

You’ll rarely get infections when you consistently have deep tissue massage.


Don’t get deep tissue massage if you’re pregnant, had an injury, or you recently had surgery or a chemotherapy session. If you wish to get a deep tissue massage therapy, then seek for medical advice first.

A deep tissue massage is an excellent option if you love strong massages for relaxation, or you have facial muscle problems. As long as your body can take in the pressure that deep tissue massage applies, then it’s safe to have it as often as you want.


Deep tissue massage has numerous benefits to the body. You get a peaceful sleep, become more flexible, feel happier, and calm. Deep tissue massage is also helpful if you’re having chronic muscle pain.

The intense pressure applied to the muscles and connective tissues causes blood to flow into those regions. As a result, you feel relieved and happier because the toxins are expelled and replaced by nutrients and oxygen.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of deep tissue, then book a session today! At the end of the massage, you’ll be happier, healthier, and more fit!

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