Ascension - A Higher-Self Perspective
Mar 29, 2018

Jody Huff
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There is a wealth of information about ascension in the new age community floating around the Internet. Some of it has truth in it, and some of it can be confusing, misleading and inaccurate. Learning to exercise discernment is an important part of ascension. If something doesn’t resonate, including this article, feel free to take in what resonates and discard the rest. This Q & A on ascension is information I have channelled from my higher self on my experiences with ascension. All of our experiences with ascension will be slightly different and unique to us, because we have lived lives in different cultures, in varying time periods, with varying experiences of ascension. In most cases, if you are interested in ascension in this lifetime, you have ascended before, or in other lifetimes.

Q: What is Ascension?

A: Ascension is a never-ending journey of expansion in consciousness, rising in vibration, and awakening to the love of the creator and each other. One becomes aware that while we are human having an individual expression, we are also connected and at one with everything. Ego attachments begin to fade away and become balanced by your spirit. The ego begins to take the back seat, and your spirit begins to take the driver’s seat in your life. Ascension is essentially about embodying more love and releasing fears along the way. Humanity as a collective is really only at the beginning of the ascension process, but there are also many lightworkers that are quite advanced in their ascension journey. The lightworkers are usually souls that have ascended before on other planets or other times on the earth, and are here now to create a roadmap for humanity to follow.

Q: How do I know if I am ascending?

A: Usually one of the signs that you are ascending is that you begin to change. For example, your preference in certain types of food may change, equally your preference in types of music, and you may find that you start to attract new and different people into your life. If you are in a relationship and the other person isn’t following a spiritual path, it may become more difficult to stay together. Your body may begin to change, you may begin to lose weight or gain weight. There are many ascension symptoms, some can be subtle or dramatic, depending on a range of factors. Some can be simple things like needing less sleep or needing more sleep, as your physical body goes through many changes. These changes are more easily assimilated while sleeping. One of the biggest ascension symptoms that I have experienced is an increase in sensitivity and psychic ability. If you are empathetic it may become harder to be around certain people or around large crowds of people for long periods of time. You may prefer to be around nature more often, swim and bathe in water, which is a great way to connect and cleanse one’s body and aura.

Q: Will I ascend off the planet or become immortal?

A: This is a common misconception about ascension. In most cases you won’t ascend off the planet, but will ascend with Mother Earth, as she is also ascending. Mother Earth needs lightworkers at this critical time in history, so that the planet will one day become an ascended planet. At this time, we are laying the foundation and planting the seeds for the ascension. The other misconception is that when one ascends, one will no longer die, becoming physically immortal. Because we have a physical body, it gradually ages until we die. Our spirit (which is immortal) then leaves the body and returns to the non-physical planes, which we call Heaven or Nirvana. Our spirit is immortal and is choosing a temporary human experience to learn certain lessons and grow spiritually. We cannot take any material goods with us when we pass over, only the lessons and experiences we have gained along the way. The death process allows one chapter to end and a new chapter to begin. The further along that you ascend in vibration, the more likely it is you will live a longer life span than you normally would if you weren’t ascending.

Q: Will I develop special gifts or powers?

A: The further that you ascend, the more you can begin to tap into the storehouse or akash of your higher self

and past lives. If you were a psychic or healer in a past life, it is likely that these gifts and abilities will begin to reawaken in your current life. If you were a healer in a past life, you may be drawn to study reiki or some form of healing: you may find your hands may become warm when placed on your body or on others and you realise you can heal. You may also become interested in meditation and psychic development, and gradually the ability to channel your higher self and guides may begin. Generally speaking, with ascension you only gain the abilities you have earned or worked at in previous lives. These gifts can then be refined and further developed in this lifetime, if it is your desire and wish to do so.

Q: Will I be able to stop taking any medications?

A: This is a tricky question. In theory the further one ascends, the more the physical body and DNA become activated and more efficient. Even at our present level of evolution, our body is designed to slowly regenerate. Ascending the physical body is a very slow process, so it can be unwise to go off medications without doctor’s supervision, especially if you have a medical condition that requires it. One of the gifts of ascension is greater awareness of your mind, body and spirit connection, and intuitively knowing what you need to restore balance. This is what is termed a ‘medical intuitive’. A knowing of what the body needs to restore health, well-being and balance. Those who are ascending may find this ability begins to reawakens within them. If it doesn’t, though, you can always seek out a medical intuitive or holistic healer to assist you on your path to wellness.

Q: Will I no longer need money or need to work?

A: This is another misconception of ascension and the New Age we are entering. It is unlikely that the need for money will magically disappear, or the need for us to work to obtain it. Money is simply a form of energy; it is neither good nor bad. What humans do to obtain money is based upon their choices through free will. As a collective, sometimes we make lower choices and sometimes higher choices. It is a learning process of cause and effect and helps us to evolve. Instead of denying the need for money, why not simply view it as energy. What do I want to contribute to this planet to make it a better place? What do I want my life’s work to be? When you are passionate and loving what you do, opportunities and abundance begin to flow towards you, provided you have cleared any blockages that you are unworthy of these things.

Q: If I ascend, but my family doesn’t, what will happen to them?

A: If you choose to ascend, but your family doesn’t, that is everyone exercising their free will. They may notice a change in you and become curious. If they ask you some questions, be as open and honest about it as you can. Your influence in walking a spiritual path may rub off on them. They may then also choose to ascend. The flip side is that the paths you and your family are on may create a bit of a division, where you will have less and less in common and may drift apart. This also goes for relationships. If one partner in the relationship chooses a different path, it may become harder to stay together. All souls on the planet are being encouraged to ascend and are to some degree in the process of learning from lessons they chose to experience before they incarnated. The best advice I can give in this area is to allow your friends, family and partners to go their own way if they choose. You can always meet new people on your path that are similar to you and share the same spiritual path. If your family chooses not to consciously ascend, they will continue to live out the rest of their lives more or less unchanged. They will, though, have opportunities to ascend in the afterlife or in other lifetimes.

by Brad Austen For The Guided Meditation

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