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A Theory of Everything

Jan 24, 2023
A.C. Byrd
Core Spirit member since Jan 17, 2023
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**Thoughts, theories, perceptions and observations from “Beyond the Matrix” — a reality that exists outside of space and time. It is a reality that can be accessed through deep meditation and other methods of of expanded consciousness.

The Real Meaning of Energy

I have a theory that energy is not “everything.” Instead, my theory is that energy is one of the “elements” (or ingredients) that make up the “observable universe.” The other ingredient is light — not “regular” light, but infinite light. Infinite light is more than just light.

Infinite Light contains the knowledge and intelligence required to transmute energy to matter and matter to energy. Infinite light is the “dividing line” between energy and matter. Infinite light is not within the formula E=MC2. Rather, Infinite Light is the “light” (i.e., intelligence) that makes the formula E=MC2 possible.

Under the theory I imagine, before energy becomes “energy,” it “exists” as a possibility within a field of Infinite Possibilities.

I have had many, many other thoughts related to this basic theory. Some of these thoughts come in the form of mathematical concepts. Others are in the form of physics, psychology, philosophy, art, and other concepts which I don’t even know how to categorize.

I have been taking notes regarding these theories for at least the past nine years. As of today, I have hundreds of pages of both handwritten and typed notes related to these concepts that attempt to explain the “nature of reality” and the “origins of the universe.”

I am not a math or science person. Thus, I have no idea what to do with these notes. I just kept writing and stored the notebooks in a box that I keep in the closet. I figured that, if any of these theories turned out to be true, then the handwritten notes would one day prove to be very valuable!

And, then about a month ago I came across “Medium,” which of course is a perfect platform for a person like me, who really and truly believes that they have tapped into some sort of alternative reality, which functions as a “middle” between the 3D reality and another “world.”

With that said, my practice titled “Beyond the Matrix,” is a depository for thoughts and theories that come to mind regarding a new way of understanding the commonly-accepted concept of “reality.”

If you are interested in these theories and would like to follow-up, I would suggest you read the following summary.

Capsule Summary of Thoughts & Theories Regarding the Nature of Reality


Pure consciousness “exists” within a “space” where the possibility of existence “exists.” These words are in “quotes” because these concepts are intended to inform your (i.e., human) understanding of these concepts. In our world, none of these concepts are necessary. The reason is because we “invented” them. Therefore, from our perspective, nothing “exists” (the first oxymoron), there is no “space”, and there is no “time.” From our perspective, everything that “exists” exists as, and within, one (1).


Infinity is a “place” where everything “exists” as a possibility. Infinity is an undefined, unknowable space where everything “exists” in the abstract — meaning that all the “ ingredients” are there. However, they have not been brought together to create a full recipe.

As a conscious being, Infinity is aware of its infinite nature. Thus, the “space” known as “Infinity” contains both Infinity (as a fact or state of existence) and Infinity (as a state of awareness). The best description for this inherent “duality” is consciousness. Consciousness means a state of being and a state of awareness. One cannot exist without the other. For this reason, “conscious awareness” is the most basic statement of the “duality principle” of existence.

As a conscious being, Infinity has the ability to “think” — meaning that it has the ability to interact with itself. My theory is that this is what thinking is — it is the ability to be oneself (“to be”) and also to be aware of one’s existence (“to think”). Thus, my theory is that Rene Descartes’ statement, “Je pense, donc je suis,” is only one aspect of reality. Under the theory I imagine, the ability “to think” could not “exist” in the absence of a conscious state of being.

Consciousness, therefore, is both a “state of being” and an “awareness of being.” Consciousness is the “act of being” and also the “thought of existing.” Neither one can “exist” without the other. Yet, these two concepts are not the same. They are co-dependent. However, they serve two “different”, yet mutually-dependent purposes.

Infinite Intelligence

The Infinite Intelligence contains the intelligence of how to “exist” in Infinity (i.e., to sustain the world of abstract possibilities) and to also “exist” in the material world (i.e., the world of of pattens, knowledge, knowns, formulas, math, precision, and specifics).

The essential question, therefore, is “How do you go from a world of abstract ideas and unknowns to a world of such precision and specificity that the alignment is mind-boggling?” Essentially, how do you bring abstract thoughts and ideas to “life.”

The intelligence within the Infinite Intelligence can best be described as “light.” The light that resides within the Infinite Intelligence is the intelligence necessary/required in order to “penetrate” energy and make it “divide amongst itself” to create both action (“being”) and thought (“awareness”) — co-existing together within the same “space.”


The “light” that brought forth existence is the Infinite Intelligence manifesting its intelligence.


The difference between the “matter” that exists in the material world and the “matter” that exists in Infinity is that all matter exists prior to its physical manifestation as a possibility within a space known as “Infinity.”

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