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7 Reasons Meditation Helps You To Find True Self-Love

Nov 28, 2020

From my many years working as a life coach, healer and meditation teacher I know for sure there is one thing we all need more of. And it’s not so surprisingly self-love! Sometimes I wish self-love would be one of the main subjects taught in primary school. A subject you couldn’t just skip. No! One of the major subjects the teachers would put as their utmost priority, so that we would all know how to truly love ourselves. Self-love is simply good for everyone!

As when you truly love yourself, you just naturally make the right choices for yourself in all areas of your life. And the next logical benefit is that it is only when you truly love yourself that you can truly love another. So life on planet Earth would look very different if even just the majority of people love themselves. This is really worthy to ponder. So just pause for now, take a deep breath and imagine how it would feel to live in such a world…Do you want to? You can start this quiet revolution by loving yourself a little bit more right now. Especially now when we are going through so many internal and/or external changes with so much unpredictability your self-love will help you to navigate the uncharted territory more safely and confidently. And today I want to share with you why meditation is one of the most profound tools how we can all get there:

1. Meditating helps you get in touch with your feelings. As most of us have been brought up in a society which predominantly “lives in the head”, and so many people lose touch with their heart, with how they really feel. The meditation will bring you back to yourself, to your body, to your feelings. And if you are not being loving towards yourself, you are going to feel it. And that’s a good thing!

2. In meditation you become more aware of your inner monologue and how you really speak to yourself “when no one can hear it.” You might be quite surprised by your inner speech, as the inner monologue often becomes so automatic that you no longer hear it. But unless you are aware of it how would you know that you speak to yourself like to your best friend or like to an enemy?

3.Meditation will help you to find more calm, inner peace and balance and you become more aware of any choices you make taking you away from your inner equilibrium and with time you learn to consciously withdraw from anything which robs you of these wonderful inner qualities. That to me is self-love in action!

4. As meditating takes you deeper and deeper into your heart, you’ll uncover the magnificence of your true being. Step by step you’ll reconnect to infinite beauty, infinite power, infinite wisdom, infinite love and infinite possibilities within you. This too might take you by surprise, but a really good surprise! You’ll naturally start seeing yourself from a completely new fresh perspective and loving yourself more will follow naturally.

5. As meditation helps you to understand more not only your divinity but also your humanity – the places within you needing to heal, you’ll start having more compassion and forgiveness for yourself. You’ll let go of comparing yourself to others, judging yourself and being harsh or hard on yourself.

6. Especially if you meditate in a group of kindred spirits you can also learn from others. Someone might share something you just really needed to hear to understand yourself better and to love yourself more. Also you’ll realise we are all in this together, that there is no competition and that there is never too late to start loving yourself.

7. As you go deeper into your meditation practice, you’ll start reconnecting to the eternal part of yourself, to the part of you which never dies. It’s one thing to just hear it as a philosophical concept and quite another thing is to actually experience it, have a true insight. It will put everything in your life in the right perspective. You’ll realise that you don’t have to be perfect to love yourself, that you are lovable just as you are and that you don’t have to postpone this love for yourself any longer.

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I should have found this article earlier, but fortunately, many of these points have already happened in my life and I can confidently say that yes, this is the way it is : )