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7 Best Tarot Reading Experts of 2022: Most Accurate Readings Online
Jun 15, 2022

Reading time 5 min.

# 7 Best Tarot Reading Experts of 2022: Most Accurate Readings Online

Future predictions from top Tarot readers

Online Tarot readings are becoming more and more popular today. Whether you believe in fortune telling or not, a good Tarot reading can become a great support, guidance and reassurance along your path. In this article, we have gathered the highest rated tarot readers of 2022. Book a session with any of them and you will be surprised. Tarot readings about love, career and money readings, general questions – you can ask anything you want.

1. Holly Cole

Holly is a professional Tarot card reader of 13+ years. Her style of Tarot is somewhat like a spiritual counseling session & is filled with understanding, love, & validation.

Holly offers two types of Tarot readings:

  • a ten card reading with Dia de los Muertos deck
  • a ten card reading with Rider-Waite deck

Go to her page to learn the difference between the two decks.

Here are Holly's reviews that you can also view on her page:

Holly is lovely to work with, intuitive and healing. She makes everything fun, and has personal insights that are incredibly spot on

What an amazing and healing experience! I am so thankful to have met Holly, her insight and intuition are invaluable. Truly a two-way conversation, I not only felt comforted and heard but also educated and enlightened. Highly recommend!!!

Once or twice a year I check in with Holly for a Tarot reading, no matter how things are going in my life. It’s helpful to touch base and gain some new perspective, especially at forks in the road, and it’s so refreshing to have someone with such strong and positive energy guide you through a reading. It’s spot on, every… single… time! She has helped me empower and honor myself, and showed me how to face fears and sorrow in a healthy way. I can’t thank her enough for that. Her kind nature and warm energy make you feel comfortable in the peaceful environment she sets for her readings. She’s been doing this for over 10 years, and you can tell it’s something she’s meant to do. I’ve referred many friends to her, who have all had good things to say. She has also mentioned she teaches Tarot, so if you’re looking to learn, I know she would absolutely be an amazing teacher. Thank you Holly!

2. Caroline Kirby

Caroline Kirby is an Intuitive Holistic Tarot Interpreter who uses mindfulness insights to read Tarot and Oracle Cards. She also practices Therapeutic Touch energy healing to help aid the healing of her clients.

Caroline offers a 30-minute clarity strategy session to help you make an important decision in life.

Here is Caroline's review:

She is truly a gift on to this world. Her readings are so accurate and her therapeutic touch session incredible I always leave feeling light and full of joy in my heart. Love her.

3. Joshua Esqueria

Joshua reads tarot/ oracle cards to offer guidance in other people's trying times. Currently studying Reiki and plans on following energy healing more in the future.

Joshua offers general tarot readings, here is a review:

i had the absolute pleasure of having an in person interview with josh and when i say it was the most compassionate, detailed and accurate reading ive ever had its not an understatement. joshs abundant professionalism and care was obvious from the outset. he is divinely gifted and will spend as much time clarifying and explaining everything in a way that is personal and not just a textbook definition surface level reading. his depth of understanding, multitude of decks and warm demeanour is unmatched. it would honestly be a disservice to yourself NOT to book a reading. i cant recommend josh enough

**4. Karen Lesley Rowe**

During the last 27 years, Karen has had the privilege of working with hundreds of clients across the globe, from all walks of life, her next door neighbour in Yorkshire to billionaires in Monaco, their lives changing for the better, achieving great results combining different therapies, to suit the individual's needs.

Karen offers a 30-minute Tarot guidance session, and has a 5-star review.

**5. Elizabeth Gonzales**

Elizabeth is an intuitive lightworker psychic. She uses multiple divination tools to connect and talk with Spirit and the Divine. She is offering Tarot and Oracle card readings for clarity and guidance on your current circumstances. Elizabeth is a very blunt reader and depending on the question may not have an answer some would like, her ultimate goal is to use her knowlege to help guide and heal you through your spiritual and physcial journey.

Here are reviews of Elizabeth's readings:

Very talented and on-point!

Very enlightening reading! Elizabeth successfully tapped into the messages I needed to hear from my guides and gave me lots of confirmation. Highly recommended :)

**6. Angela Maroosis**

Angela's biggest expression of love in this world is her ability to show up for herself and others. As an Intuitive Channel she enjoys supporting the creative energies of change and expansion in people’s lives. Her Intuitive Channeling session will seek to provide your next steps, as well as support through perspectives, expansion of your personal awareness and the changes currently unfolding for you.

Here is Angela's recent review:

This was a really great session. We were very in sync, which really helped. I took two pages of notes, and she actually reaffirmed things I heard before. No leading questions were asked. It was like talking to a friend.

**7. Karla Van Wyk**

Karla is a very spiritual person who is connected to Divine Source and the angels. She reads Oracle & Tarot Cards. She passes on any messages she receives and she offers spiritual healing through these messages and the cards. If you have specific questions on relationships, careers, life in general, if you are in need of healing, she would love to help.

Karla can read Oracle and/or Tarot Cards for you to help you on your healing journey. She can also provide readings for any specific questions you may have in your life, career or relationships.

Here is her recent review:

Karla's reading for me was great. It all resonated completely. I do reading's myself but there was no assumption that I knew what was happening so everything was explained thoroughly and in depth. I went into the reading clueless and directionless and after it was done I'd definitely had my questions answered to a better degree than I'd hoped for. Thank you

Who would you choose from this list for an online tarot reading? Or maybe you know someone who should be added to the list? Reply in comments!

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