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52 Healthy Habits for a New You in 2021
Dec 23, 2020

Reading time 6 min.

With 2021 just around the corner, are you ready to build a new you inside and out with healthy habits? Perhaps that might sound is a bit overwhelming and you’re uncertain where to start. Then I’ve got your back with a list of 52 healthy habits – one for every week of the year!

Share this article with your friends to help them improve their lives in the new year. You don’t have to complicate things; just commit to one new healthy habit per week. By the end of 2021, you’ll have enhanced your health in every aspect: nutrition, fitness, mindset and mental health, self-care, and natural living. Here are some of the major aspects that I believe you should consider enhancing this year.

Holistic Nutrition

Instead of thinking of your eating habits as a diet you have to “keep to,” look at these changes as a lifestyle you’re excited to live. This doesn’t have to be temporary just because it’s the start of a new year or just a way to lose a few pounds after indulging over the holidays.

Think of this as the beginning of something amazing – new year, new you!

Fitness & Weight Loss

While getting to a healthy body is based 70-80% on what we eat and only 20-30% exercise, we for sure can’t ignore our fitness habits.

If you’ve been sedentary for several weeks or months now (thanks, lockdown), start again slowly with walking and stretching most days of the week.

Mindset & Mental Health

We don’t always look at mindset or mental health when setting New Year’s resolutions. Usually we concentrate mostly on diet and exercise.

But have you ever cycled through – over and over again – beginning to eat healthier or exercise only to “fall off the wagon” completely a few weeks (or days!) later? Do you find it hard to stick with healthy habits consistently or make any real or lasting progress?

If you have, chances are that on a subconscious level, stress, anxieties, and limiting beliefs are ruining your ability to achieve your goals. Your mindset has the power to be your greatest ally or your biggest saboteur.

Holistic Self Care

Self-care can be complicated for us in these very busy times. Not only is finding the time tough but sometimes it can result in feelings of guilt as well. The good thing is to start tackling the limiting beliefs (like guilt) holding you back and invite more calm and positivity to your thinking patterns.

Natural & Holistic Living

In today’s world, a crazy amount of toxins abound that are highly detrimental to our health. Not only that, but we’re in a constant state of go-go-go; sleeping less and often relying on artificial energy to keep our batteries charged.

This year, it would be great to learn ways to detox your home, stock a natural medicine cabinet, sleep better, energize yourself naturally and more.

52 habits for 2021

#1 – Make the bed each morning

It instantly makes your bedroom feel nice and tidy and gives you a sense of order.

#2 – Take any medication you need at the same time every day

This way you won’t stress when you realise halfway through the day that you haven’t taken it.

#3 – Always have breakfast

This prepares you for the day.

#4 – Unload the dishwasher each morning

You always begin the day with everything in your kitchen clean and ready to use.

#5 – Leave the house as you would like to find it when you come home – nice and clean

This way you won’t have to deal with mess in the evening.

#6 – Try and get up at the same time each day

Sleeping ins at the weekend can do more harm than good, making you feel sluggish for the rest of the day. Balancing your body clock will have a great effect on your day!

#7 – Wash dishes and/or set the dishwasher straight after tea

Waking up to clean plates and a clean kitchen is so much nicer and it takes less time to clean pans when they are newly dirty rather than leaving food on them to harden overnight.

#8 – Tidy the house each evening – 10 minutes is more than enough

Waking up to a clean house is so much better a way to start the day and you won’t end up with loads of tidying to do at the weekend!

#9 – Set the table for breakfast the night before

This will save you time each morning.

#10 – Hang out what clothes you need the next day ready to go

You don’t have to hurry in the morning, or find too late that something is in the wash or needs ironing.

#11 – Check your diary for the next day – and make sure you have everything you need ready to go

Eliminate stress in the morning.

#12 – Try and go to bed at the same time each night

As with getting up at the same time each morning, this will help to regulate your body and help you feel much better each day.

#13 – Put your phone on charge every night overnight

Your phone won’t die during the day.

#14 – Review your day last thing at night

#15 – Keep on top of your diary – schedule in all events, TO DO’s etc…

This will keep you a step ahead, and help you to organise your day much better when you can see whats required and whether there are any blockages.

#16 – Book in appointments as soon as you have had your last appointment – while you are still there.

You save time and don’t have to add to your TO DO list. You will also be able to get an appointment time that works best for you rather than having to have whatever is left at the last minute

#17 – Check all birthdays and events you need to buy presents/cards for each week – and do in one go

It will save you time at the shops/post office – grouping errands is a great time management tool.

#18 – Always add contingency time, travel time and time for the actual task into your diary – not just the task itself

You will then be able to see exactly how much of day will be taken up, and not overload yourself. Its much more realistic way of doing things as a lot of people just write in a start time and forget about all the surrounding time needed.

#19 – Don’t leave things until the last minute – do immediately or plan in a time (that allows for contingency as well) to get it done

#20 – Handle incoming paperwork once only – don’t leave in a pile to do later – add them into your paperwork system

#21 – Trow away trash (junk mail, envelopes etc…) as soon as it comes into your home (recycle if possible)

#22 – Open your post when you have time to action items (make phone calls, pay bills etc…)

You will be able to get things done in one go and not have to make little piles of things to do later.

#23 – Keep all receipts in your wallet/purse each day and transfer to a file each night/week

#24 – Always have some cash in your purse/wallet for unexpected expenses

#25 – Have some spare change in your car for car parks and toll roads

#26 – When shopping, always ask yourself if you need the item, and whether you can get it cheaper elsewhere

This makes you think about your purchases and so save money, and reduce clutter in your home.

#27 – Wipe down the shower / bath after every use

#28 – Ensure that when you leave a room you scan to see if anything needs to be taken out of it – then do it!

#29 – Do a load of washing daily (if required) to keep on top of the washing and drying system

#30 – Always put things back where they should go

This way you will always find things when you need them.

#31 – When cooking, cook an extra meal and freeze

You will always have something fast and healthy to eat when there’s no time to cook.

#32 – When cooking, wash up and keep tidy while you go

#33 – Tick items that you use up on a shopping list – when you have used them up

#34 – Fill your car up with petrol when you pass a petrol station

#35 – Eat 5 times a day – at least!

A balanced diet can help you be more productive, healthier and so many more benefits its hard not to have this as one of your key habits!

#36 – Take a multi vitamin

#37 – Try a new recipe each week

#38 – Exercise every day

Whether you go to the gym, run, walk, play with your children, do a fitness video or some simple sit-ups and press ups – you can always fit in a little each day.

#39 – Once you have read a magazine, rip out any good articles and add to a personal file for reading specific to you – then recycle the rest immediately

#40 – Follow any schedules and routines you have created – make them habits too!

#41 – When you come through the door always leave your bag, keys and phone in the same place each time

#42 – Write everything that you need to do on your TO DO list or schedule immediately in your diary right when you get that thought

#43 – Dedicate some time for yourself every week

You will be able to function better when you are doing things for you as well as others, as you will feel more fulfilled.

#44 – Carry a notebook around for any websites, addresses, tel numbers etc.. you get during the day and transfer them to your home file / diary etc… each evening

#45 – When on the phone, use the time to exercise or walk around, drive (hands free of course), or any job around the house that needs doing

#46 – Create some relaxing time each day – 5 minutes of meditation, deep breathing, stretching

#47 – Have a date night at least once a month with your partner

Relationships are essential to your general happiness so its worth making the effort

#48 – Create time for your children each day

#49 – Have a one in, one out policy in your home for new purchases (works especially well with clothes and toys!)

#50 – Answer your phone only when you have time – if its urgent they will leave a message

#51 – When at the shops look for possible presents that are on sale

#52 – Learn to say NO

This will free up so much for you including time, energy and stress – we all do things because we think we should – so learning that its OK to say no will really make a difference to how you feel every day.

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