5 Ways Sensitive People can Manage Stress
Oct 4, 2022

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5 Ways Sensitive People Can Manage Stress in the Workplace

  1. Create Boundaries and Let People know if they have crossed them.

  2. Know your triggers and Implement calming techniques once you find yourself being triggered.

  3. Have at least 1 item readily available in your workspace that makes you smile every time you look at it - even better if you can have 3!

  4. If your trigger is a specific person who always seems to pick on you, don’t personalize it. Recognize that not everyone will mesh with you or treat you the way you deserve. It doesn’t mean you have to treat yourself any differently because of it.

  5. Use the trigger to grow. This one takes practice! If someone criticizes you or tells you that you didn’t do something right - use their criticism to make yourself even better. Become so good that their criticism no longer has an impact on you because you KNOW you’ve dominated it.

Let’s be honest, working in corporate as a highly sensitive person brings a unique set of challenges. Since there is a lot to manage, it is only normal to feel overwhelmed and stressed at times. Bad experience in a meeting? It sticks with you for days. Team is upset? You carry that home. It doesn’t have to be that way!

The more you can learn to manage your stress the more productive you can be and the healthier your relationships will also be! Which of these resonates with you the most?💕👇

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Ian Hosein2022-11-15 20:46 UTC

This is great. Sharing with my network.

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