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5 Steps to Wake Up and Start Creating Reality

Mar 29, 2018
Mercedes Newton
Core Spirit member since Dec 24, 2020
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Stop being passive, wake up and start creating reality on the terms YOU demand with this handy guide to taking charge of your life.

Initiation is the process of ceasing to be a passive subject of reality and of becoming a conscious creator within that reality. It is the process of deciding to start creating reality.

It is the hard path. The path less taken. The rewarding path. The often fatal path. The free path.

Here’s how to self-will that process in five steps.

1. Start With the Body

Get and stay healthy. Exercise. Eat right. This is the step that so many skip, and which comes back to haunt them later. The body and mind are inseparable; don’t make the mistake of dividing them.

The body is the cursor of your existence, the tip of the iceberg, and the easiest part to change. Positive changes made to the body have a compound effect on the rest of life. Start here. If you can change your physicality, you’ll have a surplus of energy to use in the rest of your life and automatically open new doors. You’ll be a more positive person. People will respond to you differently. This is true, lasting consciousness alteration.

Energy work, breath work and other modalities for changing the body can be excellent here but nothing short-cuts the basic, common-sense steps of exercise and diet. Yoga can be excellent for some, though not enough for others.

You can make massive progress on this step with our course Achieve Peak Mental and Physical Energy, which will give you everything you need to supercharge your health, your energy and your life.

2. Meditate

Start an insight-based meditation practice. The varieties are endless, but simple is often best. Learn how to sit still. Learn how to breathe deeply and naturally. Sit and watch your thoughts without judgement or clinging. Let them pass through and waft away without grabbing for them. Start at ten minutes a day. Aim for an hour a day if you can. Half an hour is fine. But do it every day, like brushing your teeth. There is no single practice which will improve your life and outlook more.

Our course on Hardcore Meditation will save you years, maybe decades of time and get you started with the true techniques of meditation—the same ones used by the Buddha and countless other sages to wake up and start creating reality.

3. Learn How to Change the Story

Who you are and what the world is are a series of carefully crafted and nested stories that were created long before you were born, will likely long outlive you, and which you will be a subject of as long as you don’t consciously examine them. With the strong foundation you’ve built from exercise (self-directed change) and meditation, start looking at your life objectively. Ask yourself where you’re complicit in other people’s stories. If you like them, stay in those stories. If you don’t, don’t. You’re not bound to any of it, though remember that if you want to get rid of the bad aspects of something you’ll probably have to lose the good aspects, too.

The story of who you are, were, will be: you don’t have to accept any of this. If you want, bypass selective editing and let the whole thing go. All of it. Stay on the blank page as long as you want; then write a new story if you like. Just remember that you’ll have to write in roles for other people that they like if you want others to play along.

The more that you meditate, the more you let go of external determination, the more that you will keep coming back to yourself—your own simple presence, being, breath. Note that this would be why we started with step one.

But also note that “externally imposed” doesn’t necessarily mean “bad.” You may, in fact, already be living in the Best of All Possible Worlds. Your aim should simply be to bring every facet of your life into explicitly conscious awareness. More awareness = more freedom to choose what happens next.

You can learn powerful techniques for changing the story and taking control of creating reality in our free guide to chaos magick here.

4. See the Others

True initiation happens when you stop giving your power away to others—gods, masters, saviors, messiahs, groups, relationships, addictions, corporate ideas, media figures, mythologies, stories, ideologies—and give it back to yourself. There’s a reason why you probably haven’t been doing that: It’s terrifying. It means taking responsibility for your own life and systems of meaning in the face of meaninglessness—but them’s the breaks. It’s called growing up. Put yourself on the spot.

Now take another look at the people around you, remembering that you are no different than anybody else. In fact, you are less than them in some ways now: you’ve shed some illusions and possibly some of the support that came along with them. If you want to leave your cave, you’ve got to deal with the woods.

The people around you are the same consciousness, the same will-to-power that you are. They’re unconsciously moving within largely inherited behaviors and stories that they have consciously chosen because those keep them safe. Let go of that stuff, and you won’t be safe—and people may well respond to you as something that is Not Safe. But you will be (more) free. Free to move as you will, join up with new stories as you will, create new stories as you will—with no guarantees. Leave the others be. Do not attempt to drag them with you. Do not attempt to divest them of their illusions, unless they ask. Respect them and the lives they are choosing to live with the same consciousness you are. Or they will make your life, quite literally, a living hell.

5. Face the World

The more self-determined you become, the more you commit to creating reality, the more and stranger opportunities you will be given to take new paths. You can stay in the self-gratification loop, which is fine, or you can take a look at the world-as-it-is and ask yourself one simple question: How can I help?

It’s probably not how you think you can. Or maybe it’s exactly how you think you can. But, put simply, you can take off your fetters and kind of hang around loitering, or you can use your new freedom to walk to the place you know your efforts will assist other beings the most. Ask yourself “With the talents and tools I have, what is the optimal life I can lead to assist the greatest number of people?” Or, if you’re more fatalistic, “What is the life I was meant to live?”

Good luck. The Final Secret of the Illuminati is this: Show up. There’s no shortage of need for free pairs of hands to chop wood and carry water.

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