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4 Good Habits that Changing my Life

Sep 19, 2023
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Get rid of bad habits, something new I’m doing right now. I felt that previously my life was boredom and less interested, but after I changed my bad habits, every time I wake up I felt enthusiastic about carrying out activities.

Why I do talk liket that??

Because I want to these share tips with you, especially these who want to get rid of bad habits.

I’m one of these people who believes doing the same activities every day is boring. But it turns out that the reality is different from my expectations so far. I really enjoy it. Doing productive activities every day can make your mind and heart feel calm. I always make myself smile before doing the 4 good habits, because that makes me enthusiastic and motivated to do them.
4 good habits that I follow and you can too, I hope you can apply my method in your life.

1. Wake up in the morning
My sleep schedule always after 10 o’clock every day, so every morning I don’t wake up early. It makes me wake up late and my head always feels dizzy when I wake up from sleep. I once read a health article, which stated that sleeping after 10 o’clock is not good for your body’s health. And wake up in the morning around 6.00 – 7.00 am. For some people, it may be a bit difficult to wake up at that hour of the morning, it’s time to relax for a while. I started to do this habit, although not consistently until now but I feel there is a difference in my body before and after.

2. Drink a glass of water
Before doing activites, I always make it a habit to drink a glass of water. Because drinking water after waking up is healthy for our bodies, and we also need fluids to enter our bodies before doing activities. Previously, I rarely drank water, because I preferred colored drinks. But since my doctor advised me to drink water more often, I have cut down on colored drinks.

3. Physical exercise
I recently took part in pounfit sports with my friend. As long as I followed it for 2 months, the changes in my body were quite good. Because previously I often felt that my body was always tired and sick, even though I could only participate in sports during my holidays. I thonk exercise calms the mind too. You can try too, and I believe that exercise is really important. Actually, there are many kinds of exercise such as yoga, gym, running, pilates, Zumba, etc. However, I prefer poundfit sports, because using sticks is quite fun for me.

4. Do activities you like
Everyone definitely has different preferences. I really like reading book, starting from novels, articles, etc. Currently I am reading a self improvement book by James Clear entitled Atomic Habits. While I was reading the book, I started to implement good habits in my life. I was inspired to write this article because after reading the book, I want to share with you what I felt after implementing good habits in my life. I also like cooking, that’s one of my hobbies too. Cooking can give me creative ideas for the results. Now I am starting try to be consistent in my hobby so that it can have a positive impact on me and my life.

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