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February 12

Ways To Uplift your Vibration for Mental Health and Law of attraction

I happened to read  Linda Wests  book on frequency and some things from that book really stuck with me. I have decided to work on myself and help fellow beings as well.  This particle is a contribution from me to  your happier and healthier life.    Lets start -

What is a vibration?

Vibration means quickly moving back and forth (or up and down) about a point of equilibrium. ... Something that is vibrating may shake at the same time. If it vibrates in a regular way, it may produce a musical note because it can make the air vibrate. This vibration will send sound waves to the ear and to the brain.

Does a human body vibrate?/

The important parts of the human body vibration frequency are generally located in about 3 Hz–17 Hz. According to the International Standard ISO 2631 in the vertical vibration of the human body, the sensitive range is located in 6 Hz–8 Hz.

Body part: Natural frequency (Hz)

The whole body: 7.5

Body torso: 7–13

Heart: 5 ( I honestly dont know what this means  I know we vibrate! I just added this to make the article look cool. But yes this is a info online :D😉)

What is   the  stark effect and  Zeeman Effect In Physics?

The main difference between Zeeman effect and Stark effect is that Zeeman effect is observed in the presence of an external magnetic field whereas Stark effect is observed in the presence of an external electrical field.

What Causes  this effect?

The reason for the Zeeman effect is that in a magnetic field, the angular momentum quantum state can undergo a displacement from degeneracy. ... The effect is due to the distortion of the electron orbitals because of the magnetic field. The (normal) Zeeman effect can be understood classically, as Lorentz predicted.

Basically I don't understand this stuff exactly but I do understand this  effect can change energy into matter.


What human organ creates the strongest magnetic field?

The heart and the brain are well known as organs that generate ion cur- rents. The current from the heart muscle, when measured with electrodes on the skin, produces the electrocardio- gram (ECG); the same current produces a magnetic field around the torso which, when measured, is called a magnetocar- diogram (MCG).

Brain is  like an electronic switching station and heart magnetizes it or lets say adds emotions  to the pictures you entertain in your mind through out the day.    Phew!  Now , if we were thinking 70,000 thousands thoughts or less how many of those thoughts you think are future outcome oriented or happy? grrrrrrrr..........

There  was a book written long time back by David  R  Hawkins. Believe it or not he has even mentioned the frequency of each emotion that we experience through out the day.   Just type his name you will know what  I am talking about  meanwhile few numbers for you

1 - Fear _ Energy  Level is - 100

2 -  Desire _Energy Level is - 125

I spoke to myself why the heck is desire so less,  isn't it a big reason for us to keep going on? Then  I read this  he said though desire motivates us to do big things  lets not forget  that desire is also  at the level of addiction. especially when it becomes a craving  more important than life.  Basically the motive matters.

3 -  Anger _ Energy Level - 150 - Needless to say it is low.  I will jump to higher frequencies straight

4 - Love _ Energy Level - 500

5 -  Peace _Energy Level - 600

6-  Enlightenment _ Energy Level -  700- 1000 - Highest of all Frequencies

There is huge explanation in the book and  multiple other frequencies. Do read it online its a famous chart.   Ok Hmmm.......

Now , the point here is to understand why are you not happy?  What's controlling  your high vibration?  Or what's stopping you to be in a high vibration?

I have a simple and straight answer to your problem. If you don't have food to eat or shelter over your head  I understand your reason to be on low vibration. If you have these two and you are unhappy with a relationship,  or you want a new car or a house or whatever.  Let me bring awareness to you that none of these will bring you  permanent happiness. You will soon get bored and look for or may  I say sulk for other material gains in life.

There is something very deep that you need to understand and that is a new home or a car will not enter inside your body to make you happy.  You already have the organs and hormones that will get triggered when you think oh I got this!!!!  So, basically from warren buffet to  Richard Branson and you everyone has the same system.  We cant carry our house , car , helicopter around to feel rich or happy. But, you can carry knowledge and an attitude of a winner everywhere. A healthy self image  by working on your mental health.  Richest of the richest cant carry their cash or their property around I mean the whole pile.  But they can carry a mind , body and  soul with healthy vibration and a knowledgeable brain that fetches them opportunities.

Before we move further  something from  Lind Wests Book  -   Fulfill all you wishes  by manifesting with  vibrations

E verything means, everything. All things of energy translate into light energy. A

person, a feeling, a place, a thing, a color, even a thought - at its core level is a

light wave. Even things that seem dense, such as rocks, are still composed of

vibrating light waves.

Events, feelings and actions also create forms that are made of light waves.

They may not become concrete matter in your reality, but the energy is still

represented in the universe.

Thoughts are light waves.

Things are light waves.

People are light waves.

The last one  on vibration is the tuning forks  -

Since the incoming sound waves share the same natural frequency as the second tuning fork, the tuning fork easily begins vibrating at its natural frequency. This is an example of resonance - when one object vibrating at the same natural frequency of a second object forces that second object into vibrational motion.  This is exactly how  vibration from your heart  travels  to your loved ones or opportunities.   You can also read about articles from Heart Math institute on Heart Resonance.   The Same phenomena   Happens in guitar as well. Its all vibration. Everything.

The ways to Uplift your Vibration :-

1 -  Acceptance -  Yes! First you need to accept  that you need a higher, happier vibration. Some people are so busy complaining they forget they do have a chance in this thing called life.

2 -  List Of Negative Emotions - Take a pen  and paper and focus on the feelings that you have been experiencing lately which are of low vibration. Remember  I told you any material  manifestation or relationship will basically cause a feeling shift inside you.... yes trust me your boyfriend or husbands wife or girl friend will  not be sitting inside your  heart all day..... its all a feeling you crave..... hmmm. Once you have the list of negative emotions written on a paper then  write the exact opposite  positive word for that  emotion.  Now make an affirmation like this

For example your negative words were   :-

Anger  - I could choose  calm mind

Victim mentality - I want to feel empowered etc.

Start with writing affirmations in a want state and saying it for a month or three. Like you really want it. I make Present tense affirmations only after therapy else  I put my students on a want list affirmation and then once they feel a  need or urge for changing I convert it into  I am calm etc.

3 - Visualization -  Yes! Remember the last article on money? I told you visualize eating a rotten food! No one ever has been able to accept anything shitty in my class to eat even imaginatively.   Now, make a healthy self image of your and start visualizing yourself with all that you desire especially feelings!!!  Visualization in massively used  these days in sport to enhance self image and performance. Self image is the base to everything in your life.

4 - Breath Work - Omg ! this one is the most important of all. Now learn it from a proper yoga teacher! The breath will not  promise you happier thoughts as thoughts are of your choosing. But, what  the breath work is going to do is it is going to balance your chemicals and hormones, this is going to have a huge positive impact on you. You may still think negatively but due to the breath work the body will not be able to feel  the intensity of negative emotions!!!!

5 - Coaching and  Therapy - hire a coach or a therapist and  take regular sessions to delete unwanted traumas to delete pain and hurt from the past. Your coach will counsel you and teach you new ways to think, Remember the coach is a qualified person they are trained to handle such situations.  These systems have evolved because there was and is a need. Never shy away from self care and love.  You are your only true and best friend on this journey.

I think for now this  will get you going. Last one read article on a research done on human collective consciousness  that almost predicted the 9/ 11  in America.  Wait now I recall it - it was  Called as " Global Consciousness Project" by  " Princeton University".

There was also a project conducted during  the war between Palestine and Israelis  it was called as the "International Peace Project". The condition was so bad due to the war they carefully planted people  expert in feeling peace. Now , after the prayers the crime rate came down considerably.  They thought it was a fluke ... lol ... they did it  multiple times. Every time they made people pray the crime rate came down and when they didn't the crime rate  up.

So my  dearie look beyond your painful past and future worries . Stay in the now read good books, read good articles and watch videos on personality development.   All this information will seep into your subconcious and you will  gradually start to experience thinking shift and change in your behaviors. With this  I will  take your  leave .

Its 14:44 in  Bangalore and  I am really hungry!  I will be at your service soon until then give up everything and everyone BUT Never  give up on faith and hope.

Loads Of Good Wishes And Love

I hope to hear from you

Lavanya ❤💕

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