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Unlock Your Abundance

$67 USD

What if the reason you struggle to create more abundance in your life is not because you are not good enough?
What if it is because you have unresolved past money wounds?
What would change if you healed these money wounds?
My "Unlock Your Abundance", 3 day self- study mini experience will help you understand the root cause of your money wounds as well as review and re-write old money limiting beliefs that have kept you playing small. You will also experience the magic of HeartHealing™ (advanced hypnotherpay).

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Using Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Reiki, I help professional women go from being frustrated at work and feeling physically and emotionally exhausted by putting everyone else first to having the confidence to pursue their own dreams while having the energy and vitality to give their very best in family and career so they feel happy, fulfilled and successful in their own right and on their own terms.

On Core Spirit since February 2021

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$67 USD
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