Transformational Life Coaching CBT and NLP based 1 on 1 sessions

coaching session
$80 USD
$80 USD

My specific approach is grounded in CBT and NLP, by using tools and techniques that are easy, relatable and real-life applicable. Also, I will hold you accountable for completing the commonly agreed tasks, all meant to get you closer to your goal.

We are going to discover together which tools are suitable for you, and we are going to use techiques such as: Cognitive restructuring, Guided Discovery, Journaling, Role Playing, Relaxation, Future Time Pacing, Activity Scheduling, and many more, following what works best for you and focussing on getting measurable and sustainable positive results.

From our sessions you will get:

  • clarity on who you are not, who you are now and who you can become, by living in accord with your values.
  • a clear vision of your ideal-self and a strategy to get there,
  • clarity why you want what you want, and how to align your inner core values with your life path.
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