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Timing is Everything! Go with the grain of your astrological chart

$165 USD

As we ride the waves of this thing called earthly living, it’s helpful to have the confidence that you’re moving with the tide rather than against it. Your astrological consultation offers you insight into how to prepare for and maximize current and upcoming astrological cycles as they relate to your career, business, health, relationships, finances, self-understanding and spiritual identity. As astrologers like to say, “Forewarned is Forearmed.”

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As a professionally certified astrologer, I offer guidance with respect to timing and direction, be it regarding the understanding of one’s natal chart and the mind-body connection to career, health, surgery timing, real estate transactions, relationships, locations and compatibility. I offer insight into current and upcoming planetary cycles and believe a little sense of humor goes a long way!

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$165 USD
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