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There is Nothing to Fear

$9 USD


The book explains the ability to seek power through the belief of and faith in God. This is an in depth study of godly fear versus worldly fear'

Target audience

This book is for anyone seeking guidance for their life struggles.


The book provides the solid foundation on which to build a stronger understanding of the countenance of God.


One is expected to feel a sense of peace through reading and participating in the exercises.


Just bring an open mind about God and the strength of spirituality.

Other comments

The book is not intended to convert anyone or direct them away from their beliefs.

Provided By

Ms Lasley holds a BS degree in Guidance and Counseling from the University of Louisville. She holds 4 coaching certifications from the Professional Woman Network . Her areas of expertise include Life Coach, Women's Empowerment, Wellness & Women, and Youth Services certificates.Prior to the pandemic, she taught an Abuse Recovery Program. She is an author and online writer.

11 years of practice
On Core Spirit since February 2023


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