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** Soul Contract Readings**

Discover Your Spiritual Map of Life with Soul Contract Readings
Manifest your soul purpose by decoding your Spiritual map for your life
•Do you feel that there is something very important you are here to do in this life that is inaccessible to
you, that you have been seeking for your entire life?
•You have been on a journey to heal and need direction where to start.
•Maybe life is chaotic and there is always another challenge blocking you from turning your goals into
A Soul Contract Reading based on Ancient Hebrew spiritual numerology. It is also called The Spiritual
Numerology of Moses. These letters and numbers carry a vibration. A Soul Contract Reading is an energetic
interpretation that will empower you by decoding the secrets of the blueprint of your life hidden within your birth
• Reveal the truth of how your life is really meant to work
• and empowers you to manifest your hidden Soul Purpose
Go deeper into the mystery of your life where you will:
•Discover the precise strategy and solutions for overcoming your greatest challenges in life.
•Express your natural talents in a deeper way
•Start manifesting your heart felt dreams
•Learn how to create better relationships
•A chart based on the sounds of Ancient Hebrew, contained within your birth name describes the
energies set in place by your soul for this life that create your reality in each moment. This work is based
on the Kaballah with Tarot and Astrology.
•soul destiny/life purpose
•The chart is interpreted to place your life experiences into perspective and to show where you are
•Name changes and major relationships in your life are explained to show how you have evolved to
where you are today.
•Recommendations are made to help you achieve your maximum potential in life.
•Name optimization can also be undertaken to help you achieve your maximum potential in life.
•For parents understanding your child’s soul contract can help you lead them in life.
•Baby Name: I am happy to help you choose an optimal name for your child.
         I look forward to helping you reach your fullest potential

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Mika Leone-Pettit is a Practitioner, teacher & Relationship Advisor with over 24 years in health, wellness and metaphysics. She holds a Bachelors in Natural Health Studies from Clayton College of Natural Health and a Masters in Metaphysical Science from University of Metaphysics/University of Sedona. Mika is currently completing here doctorate in Transpersonal Counseling.

22 years of practice
On Core Spirit since August 2021

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