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Rune Divination Reading

$30 USD

Past, present or future, runes can often show us that which we would like to know. Runic divination has been around since the time of the Vikings, longer even than Tarot, and the name “rune” means “secret”. The Nordic peoples believed that the runes held secret knowledge and wisdom, and this has been my experience with them. They can offer a unique and distinct insight into ourselves and our lives.

What can the runes tell you? The runes are best consulted when attempting to understand a person, a situation, or to glean some insight into the possible outcomes before us. They may help to bring closure, confidence, or even to reveal untruths. I have often found that the runes tell us that which we feel we are ready to know. Even so, one should always try to be open to the truth.

What does a reading entail? We begin with a chat; this can be a call or a text chat. We will discuss your issue or concern, and you can share with me what you’re comfortable with so that I can understand your situation and the questions that we must put forth to the runes, our chosen oracle for this reading. I will take what you have shared with me and I will consult the runes, I will interpret their meaning and their guidance, and I will relay this to you in a conversation. This will be a FULL cast reading (25 stones), not a 3 rune reading or spread; this will cover a breadth of possible insights rather than trying to distill a complex issue into three cards. During the reading, I may need to ask follow-up questions in order to best understand the guidance being offered by the runes. We will discuss the results of the reading and apply their wisdom to your query.

Please note that this exchange may seem personal. While I am intuitive, I would be doing you a disservice by presuming to understand your thoughts and feelings without discussing them first. Please know that anything we discuss will be confidential and that there is no topic or realm of human thought, feeling or experience which I am uncomfortable engaging with. In my readings, I try not only to bring the wisdom of the runes, but also my own wisdom as an empath and student of psychology.

My purpose here is not to tell you what you want to hear, but to earnestly try to help you find truth and understanding. I will do my best to guide you to that truth with compassion, empathy and objectivity.

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Welcome. Through a combination of talk/chat and divination, It would be my pleasure to help you understand yourself and the situation that weighs heavily on your mind. I have been practicing rune and tarot divination for nearly 20 years, and have been studying and expanding my understandings of psychology and sociology for the past 10. Allow me to help you see things as they are and may be.

4 years of practice
On Core Spirit since March 2021

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Chris Reiter
Sep 12, 2021

Personally I have felt that the more I kew of a person the better: their name, their face, a bio. I have done many readings for others over the phone and online. They mesh extremely well with Tarot readings to provide clarification and corroboration.

Chris Reiter
Sep 12, 2021

Yes it is! My apologies for the very late reply, I never saw any notification from the site.

Stormi Smith
Apr 14, 2021

Would you say an offline session is more effective than an online one?

Darcy Adamson
Mar 25, 2021

Hello. is it possible to read without the presence of a person??

$30 USD
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