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Removing Your Heart Wall

healing session
$70 USD

Do you keep having the same incomplete relationships over and over with different players? Do you feel on the outer edge of a group? Do you feel you aren't quite connecting with people in the way you think you should be?
Any and all of these are common occurrences if you have a heart wall in place, which 93% of us do indeed have.
We build a wall around our hearts to protect ourselves from pain, but this also prevents us being able to fully receive love wherever it is coming from, whether it be romantic partners, friends or family.
Clearing the heart wall is done by releasing the trapped emotions that erected this. The process is painless and will leave you feeling freer, calmer and more at peace with yourself.
In adults this usually takes 2-4 sessions. The price below is per session.

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I'm an intuitve, empath, nutritional therapist, reiki master and energy healer. I love helping people and animals feel better and live with joy!

19 years of practice
On Core Spirit since March 2021


Wellness Coaching
$10 USD
Emotion Code: Discovery Call

If you are unsure as to what issues can be helped with The Emotion Code modality, or if it is something that will suit you, book in a discovery call so we can chat about how best to help you.

The Emotion Code is an energy healing technique designed to he…

Helen Kirby
Emotional Stress Release
$70 USD
Mental Health and Emotional Eating

Stress causes our bodies to become unbalanced.
Blood sugar levels see saw and result in thoughtless eating, as fankly when stressed and not sleeping, it is crazy hard to not reach for the sugar, carbs, and comforting processed foods, even when we know the…

Helen Kirby
Nutritional Therapy
$70 USD
Initial Diet Overhaul

I offer a comprehensive overhaul of your current diet in order to bring you back to balance. I’m all for doing this gently and enjoyably, it’s definitely not a boot camp approach!

I need you to provide me with details of how you currently eat, so I can o…

Helen Kirby
Body and Emotion Code
$90 USD
healing session
Person and Pet - Energy Healing Package

A package designed especially for your and your pet. One emotion release session each.

As the last year and a half has been so difficult and stressful for many, resuting in a rise in mental health issues, this can in turn affect our pets.

“We found that…

Helen Kirby
Body and Emotion Code
$70 USD
healing session

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Releasing trapped emotions can restore balance to your life and aid inner calm, thereby allowing you to negotiate life's twists and turns with more ease. When your energy sysetms are in balance and able to flow ar…

Helen Kirby
Talking to Animals
$65 USD
Energy Healing for Animals

If you have a pet you will know how much they give out in terms of love and company - just by being. They soak up our bad moods and give love unconditionally.
Although they do deal with trauma better than us - they naturally shake after a particularly dis…

Helen Kirby
Talking to Animals
$80 USD
healing session
Healing your Horses Emotional Baggage

Horses often go through several changes of home during their lives, having to adapt to new owners, riders and stablemates.
With each experience they will be processing the emotions involved wth these changes, but possibly they may not be able to for some …

Helen Kirby

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$70 USD
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