Freeing Your Heart
Nov 2, 2021

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For many years now, I have been working on my spirituality, opening myself up to more and more experiences that elevate my soul. I've learned to feel love not fear, and I've learned to sit in my back - a Taoist method for retreating from the everyday craziness and viewing it as if from the back of a theatre, observing what is going on rather than being caught up in acting without thinking.

I've worked on opening my heart, on not reacting but rather, responding, when things get hairy, and I've learned not to put myself in the attachment dependent type relationship, choosing instead an interdependent mutually nurturing one. So when someone mentioned to me about having a Heart Wall and explained what this meant, I was pretty sure I wouldn't have this.

Turns out I did!

It was not something I had heard of until about 2 years ago and even then the concept remained hazy, but I fully comprehend now and in fact, help people clear and release theirs.

So what is a Heart Wall?

Basically, this is a construct we have placed around our hearts. It is our subconscious that is responsible for building this layer of protection, to keep us from further emotional hurt and pain. Dr. Bradley Nelson, who discovered the art of healing by the releasing of trapped emotions, found that this wall is made from the energy of trapped emotions. An energetic shield.

This may seem a really excellent thing - we all rightly shy from distress and misery. However, this same protective shield prevents the good things from coming to us. It prevents us from being fully open, from expressing ourselves, from giving out the best unconditional love we are capable of, and from having this radiate back to us. So if we have a Heart Wall ( and 93% of us have), we are not living at our full capacity.

Releasing the emotions and clearing the Heart Wall is a simple process, yet extremely effective. Some of the results I have seen include a teenage girl becoming more open and communicative with her mother, choosing to spend more time with her family than on her own in her room. A 30 year old felt less anxious in social situations, calmer and happier in his life overall. A daughter was able to let go of emotions wrapped around a long term unsatisfactory relationship with her father. A mother who was in pieces after the end of a relationship, was able to find emotional peace and a lessening of the actual pain.

There are a few situations where removing the Heart Wall may not be the best way forward at the time. Sometimes, if we are going through great distress then we need that protection, and it can be cleared later. The marvel of using The Emotion Code method is that we can ask the subconscious if we are ready to release the Heart Wall, if it is in our best interests to do so, and it will give us the answer we need. It is always, always, about working with the body mind spirit and effecting a positive life enhancing outcome.

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Body and Emotion Code
$222 USD
GETTING AHEAD OF PAIN (3-week online program)

This program is for you if you are suffering from anxiety and mild chronic pain. It will help you know why you’re suffering from pain, whether it’s emotional or physical, and teach you how you can move forward.

Some finer details
This is a 3-week program involving support as well as training to help you overcome the overwhelm and move your body into repair. This really helps set up your mindset for success. During this 3-week online course, you’ll receive:

Module 1: Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Lesson 1: Introduction
Lesson 2: You are not alone - Chronic pain is epidemic of grand proportion
Lesson 3: Steps to overcome stress and anxiety
Lesson 4: Identify your main triggers
Lesson 5: Learning the EFT technique
Lesson 6: Summary of what you have done in this module
Module 2: The Cycle of Pain

Lesson 1: Introduction
Lesson 2: The cycle of pain - Knowing this allows you to not be a victim of it
Lesson 3: What are emotions - Learning to communicate with the body
Lesson 4: Ask yourself - Discovering how powerful you really are by asking questions
Lesson 5: Mind-Body Mastery. Relaxation Technique
Lesson 6: Summary of what you have learnt in this module
Module 3: Why You Feel So Yuck

Lesson 1: Introduction
Lesson 2: Understanding the Nervous System
Lesson 3: Why you feel so yuck
Lesson 4: Your thoughts. The Fruit Tree Exercise
Lesson 5: Effects of Other People. How others can influence your pain
Lesson 6: Summary of what you now know

Bonus 1: Replay of a Live training: Tapping works for everyone - Helps you to overcome any resistance to the technique
Bonus 2: Replay of a Live training: The Power of the ego - Helps you to understand your psyche and how it impacts your health
Bonus 3: Replay of a Live training: Emotional triggers and root cause - Helps you to understand the biggest pitfalls and how to avoid them
Bonus 4: Replay of a Live training: Understanding Relapses and Flare-Ups - Helps you to understand how your body heals
Bonus 5: Hypnosis Pain Meditation
Bonus 6: Training: Sleeplessness and How to Overcome It
Bonus 7: Cell Meditation

Dawn Cady
Body and Emotion Code
$29 USD
healing session
Emotion Code for Anxiety Relief

🌙. Receive a 60 minute Emotion Code session for anxiety relief. This session will feel like you’ve gifted yourself with a bouquet of beautiful 🌺 flowers. You may have a feeling you can’t quite put your finger on that something is getting in the way of your success, your goals, and your dreams.

🌙. I want to help hold a safe space for you to go deep into your truth and your shadow to uncover what it is. This emotional clearing session is like shining a flashlight on your stuck emotions causing negative patterns, self sabotage, or fear of success. As we shine a light we create movement so we can let go of what we don’t want.

🌙. If we don’t process our old emotional wounds, when life throws curves at us, it is like having a wound on our body and throwing salt in it. It stings. Instead of ignoring that comment someone made, it brings us back to the time of the wound in the past even if we don’t realize it. Subconscious emotions are stored in our body and brain where they can bubble to the surface.

🌙. We will identify exactly what stuck emotions are getting in the way of you feeling calm and relaxed using the Emotion Code framework and clear those. We will also do a short guided exercise/meditation where I will send reiki to both your nervous system and any past events that need healing as well.

🌙. You are precious; treat yourself accordingly. You are worth taking the time to treat yourself to self-care. What can you take off your plate to make room for taking care of yourself and remembering your magic?

🌙. Our bodies are 55% water and we need plenty of pure, filtered water every day so please hydrate well before and during your session.

🌙. I will share what came up, what shifted, and how to do easy self care to keep your energy and emotions flowing and clear.

Feel free to reach out with any questions. Love, Sara

All healing sessions are non refundable.
If you need to change the time of the healing please try to do so at least 24 hours prior.

Legal Disclaimer:

This session does not replace medical care for a medical condition. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical issue. Please see a licensed medical professional or doctor for health concerns.

Sara Dessau Lopez
Body and Emotion Code
$90 USD
healing session
Person and Pet - Energy Healing Package

A package designed especially for your and your pet. One emotion release session each.

As the last year and a half has been so difficult and stressful for many, resuting in a rise in mental health issues, this can in turn affect our pets.

"We found that the levels of long-term cortisol in the dog and its owner were synchronised, such that owners with high cortisol levels have dogs with high cortisol levels, while owners with low cortisol levels have dogs with low levels," says Ann-Sofie Sundman of the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology (IFM) at LiU, principal author of the study and newly promoted doctor of ethology. (2019)

Chronic stress takes a toll on the body in both humans an animals.

Carrying out an emotional release on both you and your animal is a way of reducing or removing the effects of stress.

Helen Kirby
Body and Emotion Code
$70 USD
healing session
Removing Your Heart Wall

Do you keep having the same incomplete relationships over and over with different players? Do you feel on the outer edge of a group? Do you feel you aren't quite connecting with people in the way you think you should be?
Any and all of these are common occurrences if you have a heart wall in place, which 93% of us do indeed have.
We build a wall around our hearts to protect ourselves from pain, but this also prevents us being able to fully receive love wherever it is coming from, whether it be romantic partners, friends or family.
Clearing the heart wall is done by releasing the trapped emotions that erected this. The process is painless and will leave you feeling freer, calmer and more at peace with yourself.
In adults this usually takes 2-4 sessions. The price below is per session.

Helen Kirby
Registered individuals enjoy all the possibilities of Core Spirit.