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Freeing Your Heart

Nov 2, 2021
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For many years now, I have been working on my spirituality, opening myself up to more and more experiences that elevate my soul. I've learned to feel love not fear, and I've learned to sit in my back - a Taoist method for retreating from the everyday craziness and viewing it as if from the back of a theatre, observing what is going on rather than being caught up in acting without thinking.

I've worked on opening my heart, on not reacting but rather, responding, when things get hairy, and I've learned not to put myself in the attachment dependent type relationship, choosing instead an interdependent mutually nurturing one. So when someone mentioned to me about having a Heart Wall and explained what this meant, I was pretty sure I wouldn't have this.

Turns out I did!

It was not something I had heard of until about 2 years ago and even then the concept remained hazy, but I fully comprehend now and in fact, help people clear and release theirs.

So what is a Heart Wall?

Basically, this is a construct we have placed around our hearts. It is our subconscious that is responsible for building this layer of protection, to keep us from further emotional hurt and pain. Dr. Bradley Nelson, who discovered the art of healing by the releasing of trapped emotions, found that this wall is made from the energy of trapped emotions. An energetic shield.

This may seem a really excellent thing - we all rightly shy from distress and misery. However, this same protective shield prevents the good things from coming to us. It prevents us from being fully open, from expressing ourselves, from giving out the best unconditional love we are capable of, and from having this radiate back to us. So if we have a Heart Wall ( and 93% of us have), we are not living at our full capacity.

Releasing the emotions and clearing the Heart Wall is a simple process, yet extremely effective. Some of the results I have seen include a teenage girl becoming more open and communicative with her mother, choosing to spend more time with her family than on her own in her room. A 30 year old felt less anxious in social situations, calmer and happier in his life overall. A daughter was able to let go of emotions wrapped around a long term unsatisfactory relationship with her father. A mother who was in pieces after the end of a relationship, was able to find emotional peace and a lessening of the actual pain.

There are a few situations where removing the Heart Wall may not be the best way forward at the time. Sometimes, if we are going through great distress then we need that protection, and it can be cleared later. The marvel of using The Emotion Code method is that we can ask the subconscious if we are ready to release the Heart Wall, if it is in our best interests to do so, and it will give us the answer we need. It is always, always, about working with the body mind spirit and effecting a positive life enhancing outcome.

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