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Jun 6, 2021
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What makes a food super as opposed to simply on trend because someone wants to market it and make lots;of money? Well, to please me, it has to have several functions and not be so ridiculously expensive that you can'tbuy and eat the precious thing.

Technically a true superfood is a complete source of nutrition in and of itself. Like blue green algae, or bee pollen. A food that contains all nutrients essential for us to live and thrive. However, of course we are not going to consume one such superfood and nothing else. That is purely for illustration of the diference between a superfood and super foods.

The following foods are super(b) and where possible should be inorporated in high amounts in your diet

Arugula - aka Rocket

How to eat:
A salad leaf known to most of us now, spicy yet with an edge;of bitterness, I honestly can eat this by the handful on it's own but I am, it has to be said; a litle unusual in these respects. Base a green salad (celery, apple cucumber) aound this : add some avocado, lemon juice, olive oil , balsamic oil, cider vinegar, a sprinkle of freshly ground black pepper and you are good to go.

Why to eat: It is high in beta carotene and sulfer. The bitter aspect of it is indicative that it aids the liver - any bitter plants and herbs stimulate bile production or flow. It is an akaline food which neutralizes acid waste in the blood and lymph.

Coconut Oil

How to eat:
As a spread on bread/toast. Melted over veggies. Blended into smoothies/sauces. Added to home made raw chocolate.

Why to eat:It stabilizes blood sugar levels, therefore keeps hunger pangs at bay,.It restores or blances thyoid funtion.You will not get fat on it. It repairs skin from within because it is does not go rancid nor is damaged by heat like all other oils, which in turn get lodged in cells and create wrinkles although 'tis true, this is not the only gateway Wrinkleland - it is also accessed by a heavy sugar consumption.


How to eat:
Juiced. In a salad. Sliced and spread with peanut butter. I'm currently eating it chopped up, with celery. apple and this dressing:

3 sundried tomatoes (softened)
1 tablespoon nutritional yeast
1 stick celery chopped
2 tablespoons ground seseame seeds
dash of lemon juice
smoked paprika

Whizz all in blender with a little water. Pour over the chunks and dive in. Rocket (see above) always a good addition.

Why to eat I eat a large one per day at least. They are an excellent kidney cleanser. ergo they help the skin stay clear and bright. High;alakaline content again means neutralizing any acidity in the body.They are extemely hydrating - and best eaten/juiced with celery, as these two work synergistically.


How to eat:
Do I really need to write this - just bite into them! I'm simply unable to get as far as putting them in a recipe as I have no self control where fresh figs are concerned. As vice's go I'm not embarrassed. However, they are delicious in salads and smoothies. For full super benefits do eat raw not cooked. And fresh over dried, but dried is OK.

Why to Eat:They are extremely high in calcium - bioavailable that is - so we can absorb it easily. Forget dairy, eat figs for this mineral.The seeds in figs aid in drawing out and reducing waste, parasites and muscus in the intestinesThey work well as a natural laxative.

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Helen Kirby3y ago

Hi Emma, I am happy you are interested. What I have written is really just a snippet, in fact I almost called it part one - it is a huge topic that expands the more you delve into it. I've never tried Dragon fruit or Durian although the latter rates highly with many raw food experts. You can't really go wrong with any fresh fruit or vegetable that you can eat raw ( eg not white potatoes), as they are unprocessed and the more you consume raw, the more nutrients you will receive.
Herbs are another huge topic really, so for herbal teas if they are good quality ie organic and the best part of them harvested as opposed to some of the tag ends stuffed into many a teabag, they can be a useful drink. I mostly drink filtered water. As for being able to spot good quality in a product - price is a good pointer. If it's cheap compared to the same supplement in a range from a different supplier, than it is likely to be poor quality. At the moment liquid chlorophyll s trending - it's a great natural supplement but the integrity will vary. Hope this helps : )

Emma Gardner3y ago

Thank you so much for this article. I would love to learn more about healthy food. I have an established idea in my head that I need to squeeze the maximum benefit and correctness out of my diet. Of all the above, I sometimes only eat cucumbers. But what about the hyped products the benefits of which are shouted in all corners? Durian, Dragon fruit, all kinds of herbal teas and everything else. Is it really worth it, is there any benefit in it, or is it just the desire of sellers to make money? Could you please give an advice - how in the future I can independently distinguish a really useful product from a simply popular, not really worth eating?