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Reiki-Energey Healing Session

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$100 USD

Energy Healing will bring balance, vitality and vigor back into your life after just one session.

In each session you will explore, face, and heal the energy blocks that have kept you stuck and from truly transforming.

You will achieve energetic balance and peace within Mind, Body, Soul, and Heart to live in energetic alignment with your Soul Purpose.

Clear and Heal your path of all that which no longer serves your journey.

*Release the Wall that blocks your Heart from giving and receiving Love

*Empower your Hearts electromagnetic field & awaken your Hearts intelligence

*Attain & Maintain a state of coherence within Heart & Brain

*Release trapped emotions and energy blocks that keep you from succeeding

*Cleanse, clear, and heal your Energy Field-Aura from dense energies

*Open, activate & balance your Energy Centers-Chakras to achieve a free flow of Energy throughout your whole being

*Clear your Energy Field-Aura from negative attachments and thought-forms

*Realign and synchronize with the rhythm of the Universe

*Heal & Let go of Ancestral energetic baggage

*Reconnect & Ground Energetically

Provided By

I AM an Accredited, Certified, and Insured Reiki Master-Curandero and a Transformational Healing Coach with one Soul Purpose:

I AM here to guide you on your Transformational Healing Journey to Self-Discovery and Self-Mastery.

I AM here to hold Sacred Space and provide you with the knowledge, wisdom, and support you need to Heal within so You can Transform into the person You are meant to be.

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Sam Jones
May 1, 2021

Hi! I have been feeling really bad recently. Every day I feel that something goes wrong, that I should change something, but I don’t know what should I change and what’s the problem. Actually, everything goes fine in my life, but I’m still anxious. I started doing Yoga and Meditation, but it doesn’t help me. Can Reiki-Energy Healing actually help me somehow and how?

$100 USD