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Private Pilates Classes

$20 USD
$20 USD

An energizing and refreshing Pilates class just for you and your body.

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Hi, I’m Lisa, an enthusiastic Pilates instructor. It is my mission to help people achieve a healthier lifestyle and a positive approach to their bodies through Pilates. According to my credo “Be kind to your body and mind”, it is my concern to convince persons to take care of their body and actively support it in its functions.

On Core Spirit since February 2021

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Irina Lazutina3y

I’ve heard that Pilates helps restore muscle elasticity after pregnancy. Tell me, is this really true?

Veronica Kee3y

Yeah, I have a similar question but I have a back problem (kyphosis). I’m not sure if the back or my bad technique but every time I do pilates my back hurts. I love pilates though and really want to practice it

Helen Spence3y

Please tell me if there are any health restrictions? I just gave birth recently. So I wonder if I can do your Pilates classes in full.