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About Online Group Therapy

Group therapy is a very effective and affordable (compared to private consultation) type of therapy. During therapy, you will emerge into the healing atmosphere of trust, care, and support which we often lack in our lives. You will learn how to get in touch with your Inner Child, connect to your true feelings, overcome your fears and limiting beliefs, and work on your personal boundaries. Group therapy will help you to understand yourself better and create healthy, happy relationships in your life.

Topics We Work On

One of the most important topics that we work on during online therapy is relationships (including relationships with ourselves and with our loved ones). We focus on the relationships with parents because our parents create the foundation for our beliefs, fears, and provide the “blueprint” for our lives. Group members work on their self-esteem and learn to fully enjoy their lives. All topics and all questions are welcome. Everyone’s opinion matters, respected and being heard.

Methods We Use

In group therapy, we use a variety of techniques: art therapy, family constellations, initiation therapy, guided imaging, NLP, and bodily therapy.

Terms and Conditions

  1. 100% Confidentiality
  2. Respect for each participant
  3. Non-judgmental attitude and lack of criticism

Price is per MONTH!!! not per session!

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$150 USD
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Life Coaching
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Breakthrough Coaching Session (Relationships, Self-love, Self-Confidence)

Coaching with me is a transformational experience, which brings forth tangible results and significant changes in every single area of your life.

The areas I can help you with include, but are not limited to

✔️ gaining clarity in your values, priorities and life purpose

✔️ cultivating self-awareness, self-confidence and self-love

✔️ creating fulfilling and meaningful relationships (whether you are single, married or in a relationship)

✔️ performing to your highest potential, whether in Sports or in Business

✔️ taking your career/business to the next level or transitioning into another career

✔️ identifying the patterns and beliefs, that are holding you back

✔️ work-life balance and setting healthy boundaries

✔️ conscious parenting

✔️ emotional, mental health and well-being

✔️ creating more joy, meaning and fulfillment in your life

The N of coaching sessions required depends on your specific situation.

During each session I create a safe container for you to EXPLORE, HEAL & TRANSFORM your patterns and bring positive changes into your life!

I am the Coach, who makes sure that You are being, living and creating to your fullest potential.

You deserve to heal! You deserve to thrive!


P.S. I coach in English, Russian, Armenian and improving my French to be able to work with French speaking clients.

Arevik Hayrapetyan
Registered individuals enjoy all the possibilities of Core Spirit.