McLoughlin scar tissue release

$70 USD
$70 USD

A hands on gentle treatment, to improve the size, appearance and comfort of scar tissue. This technique has also shown to be effective with tendon injuries, plantar fasciitis, frozen shoulder, burns, skin grafts and many variants of scars.

The treatment session involves a thorough consultation.

The initial consultation and treatment costs £70
Follow on sessions vary according to time:
60 mins £50
90 mins £70
120 mins £90

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April Chase2021-03-30 18:13 UTC

Hello. I do a lot of physical hard work, and my elbow hurts a lot. The diagnosis is a sprain of the tendons, no painkillers and ointment help… how many of your sessions do I need to relieve this terrible pain? Thank you in advance for your answer!

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