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Lucid Dreaming Mentorship (60 min)

mentorship session
$88 USD

In this Lucid Dreaming Mentorship session, we will discuss where you are currently with Lucid Dreaming, your goals & desires through this practice, and create a clear path to easily & naturally induce lucid dreams while meeting your goals & desired outcomes.

Through this single session, you will learn the basic fundamentals of lucid dreaming, techniques/tips to induce lucid dreams at will, and daily habits you can build to induce lucid dreams spontaneously.

This session also includes:

-Lucid Dreaming PDF Guides
-Lucid Dreaming/Astral Travel Binaural Beats Meditation

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Haylee is a Lucid Dreaming & Out of Body Experience Mentor and has over 8 years of experience guiding others to altered states of consciousness for growth, discovery, & transformation. She studies Dream Yoga, the ancient Tibetan practices of Dream & Sleep, Neuroscience and Quantum Physics, & combines modern and ancient Eastern practices into her teachings to experience powerful healing modalities.

On Core Spirit since September 2020

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Phoebe Savir
Mar 27, 2021

I have nightmares every day, I do not know how to get rid of them, can you help me with this?

$88 USD
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