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This 30 minute session is for people who are curious or wanting to start their journey but, don't know how to begin. I need to see where you are and how your feeling in your life. Simply put, I ask you a few questions and you get to talk about yourself guilt free. This will help me figure out simple ways for you to begin your spiritual journey to yourself. Your true self that you know is in the core of you waiting to flourish outwards. After this session is done, I will dedicate the rest of my day to you and sorting out how and what can help you first. I'm all about small steps so you will recieve a variety of suggestions to start when you are ready. I'll have another service up soon that will allow us to work together from there. I am here to help you and your spirit. That is my mission in life, to help you.

Spirituality is not a substitute for therapy or medication if that is what is really needed. While I cannot diagnose you with anything or medicate you, if I find that you may need more help than I can give, I will let you know and hope that we can find a way to get you that support.

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Hello! My name is Edi Mars and I am a child of earth and sun like you all. I have been in practice for over a decade and I have recently felt the pull to start sharing my practices and notes with a larger audience. In my time on the spiritual path, I have help countless people(mostly women of all ages) feel more confident in themselves and in their world. It makes me feel grateful to help!

12 years of practice
On Core Spirit since May 2022

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