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It's Time To Become Conscious


Hello, I’m Malise and I’m an intuitive coach & counsellor.

At the core, I’m a spiritual truth seeker. I help those seeking to master the mind and live in the heart - and I love my work. I have 10+ years’ experience in NLP, hypnosis, inner child and shadow work, and continue to make mental, emotional and spiritual growth my highest priority.

I have a curious spirit and a diverse work history, spending time as a high school teacher, business coordinator, defines recruiter, HR consultant, and emotional skills trainer and facilitator. Above all, I’m most passionate about helping others find unshakeable inner peace.

I’ve been through my share of challenges. I lost my little brother to melanoma cancer in 2020. Prior to this I spent nearly two decades struggling in a cycle of anxiety and escapism that led to my dark night of the soul. My struggles and seeking brought me to a place where I know it’s absolutely possible to reach higher levels of consciousness as we push through the illusions of our programming and emerge sovereign on the other side of pain.

I meditate a lot – one of the keys to my peace of mind is prioritising time for stillness and surrender. I also paint, sing and play guitar. Recently I tried my hand at comedy, poking fun at my shadow sides on my YT channel Boost Of Joy, the same place I document my learning and insights.

I’m fascinated by the ancient teachers and their wisdom and philosophy. My curiosity has led to many interesting travels around the world to over 24 countries, living in 6 different cities.

It’s with gratitude that I look back at the skills and knowledge I collected. These gifts enable me to assist clients in healing, transformation and growth. I’m here for those struggling to find clarity, overcome old patterns, release trauma and feel supported in their spiritual seeking. I can bring you back into alignment via powerful techniques & practices that have transformed my own life. If you struggle with anxiety, depression, grief, escapism, control, stress, relationships…If you are someone seeking a better way of being where unshakeable inner peace is possible, then please book a session with me – your first session is just $10!

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Currumbin Waters QLD 4223, Australia

Are you a spiritual truth seeker on the journey to mastering your mind and living in your heart?

I help with:

Awakening & disillusionment
Anxiety & depression
Goal setting
Struggling to find peace

Your session will draw upon:

Neuro Linguistic Programming
Hypnosis & Meditation
Inner Child & Shadow Work

On Core Spirit since December 2021

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