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***Are you a spiritual truth seeker on the journey to mastering your mind and living in your heart?*** **I help with:** Awakening & disillusionment Anxiety & depression Grief Addiction Perfectionism Relationships Goal setting Resilience Struggling to find peace **Your session will draw upon:** Neuro Linguistic Programming Hypnosis & Meditation Inner Child & Shadow Work
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About Malise Banks

Are you a spiritual truth seeker on the journey to mastering your mind and living in your heart?

I help with:

Awakening & disillusionment
Anxiety & depression
Goal setting
Struggling to find peace

Your session will draw upon:

Neuro Linguistic Programming
Hypnosis & Meditation
Inner Child & Shadow Work

3 years of practice
On Core Spirit since December 2021
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Malise Banks
It's Time To Become Conscious

Hello, I’m Malise and I’m an intuitive coach & counsellor.

At the core, I’m a spiritual truth seeker. I help those seeking to master the mind and live in the heart - and I love my work. I have 10+ years’ experience in NLP, hypnosis, inner child and shadow work, and continue to make mental, emotional and spiritual growth my highest priority.

I have a curious spirit and a diverse work history, spending time as a high school teacher, business coordinator, defines recruiter, HR consultant, and emotional skills trainer and facilitator. Above all, I’m most passionate about helping others find unshakeable inner peace.

I’ve been through my share of challenges. I lost my little brother to melanoma cancer in 2020. Prior to this I spent nearly two decades struggling in a cycle of anxiety and escapism that led to my dark night of the soul. My struggles and seeking brought me to a place where I know it’s absolutely possible to reach higher levels of consciousness as we push through the illusions of our programming and emerge sovereign on the other side of pain.

I meditate a lot – one of the keys to my peace of mind is prioritising time for stillness and surrender. I also paint, sing and play guitar. Recently I tried my hand at comedy, poking fun at my shadow sides on my YT channel Boost Of Joy, the same place I document my learning and insights.

I’m fascinated by the ancient teachers and their wisdom and philosophy. My curiosity has led to many interesting travels around the world to over 24 countries, living in 6 different cities.

It’s with gratitude that I look back at the skills and knowledge I collected. These gifts enable me to assist clients in healing, transformation and growth. I’m here for those struggling to find clarity, overcome old patterns, release trauma and feel supported in their spiritual seeking. I can bring you back into alignment via powerful techniques & practices that have transformed my own life. If you struggle with anxiety, depression, grief, escapism, control, stress, relationships…If you are someone seeking a better way of being where unshakeable inner peace is possible, then please book a session with me – your first session is just $10!

Malise Banks
Unshakeable Inner Peace: Your Birth Right

Living Without Peace

If you’ve ever been involved or brushed with the self-development industry you will be very familiar with the promises of everlasting peace that are thrown around. The same promises will usually be afforded to love, joy and freedom. Of course, if these methods, practices and promises really worked, why do the same people go on to seek more coaching and attend more courses, classes and seminars, usually for the rest of their lives or until the money runs out? The answer is simple, because the self-development industry has missed the point – and still pushing an idea that just doesn’t work. This idea is that you need to seek peace, and all those other things, from outside of yourself. So, what is the missing piece or shall I say, peace? Very simply, the answers have always, and will always, lie within. No amount of seeking externally will give you the peace you are looking for.

You see, we have been carefully and strategically hidden from the truth, and from our own power and connection for the longest time. There is a great money-making model out there that took the place of age-old wisdom, of which the indigenous tribes of our world still hold onto. Thankfully, right now as a collective, we are experiencing a massive shift in understanding, and this ancient knowledge is coming out again to take back it’s rightful place in the hearts and minds of men and women.

Living without peace has become a norm in our world. It’s perfectly acceptable to feel anxious and overwhelmed in the morning when you lift your head off the pillow, followed with fight, flight and freeze stress responses throughout the day, and ending with you swallowing something to temporarily numb this unwelcome state of mind until you fall asleep. Then you do it all over again. Eventually, these states of mind transfer to the body and form little bumps in your health; headaches, aches and pains and all sorts of other manifestations, all leading to the inevitable serious dis-ease.

This only sounds familiar because we’ve been living this way for so long. Did you ever stop to think that perhaps this is not meant to be our natural state of being?

Superficial Fixes

We’ve been told that to get peace you need to get your life in order. You need to get your finances sorted, your relationship healed, and your career on track. You need to have clear goals set. You need to make sure that you have a mantra and at least a page of positive affirmations. And most importantly, you must never think a negative thought. Only then, will permanent and everlasting peace come about.

However, what if you had a lifetime of debt built up, or that your family were estranged because they didn’t like your lifestyle choices, or that you simply wanted to do something from your heart that didn’t really count as a career move? What if you were stumped as to how to ‘fix’ this? What if your dreams were so far-fetched that you had no idea how to set any goals? If you ever have had a niggling feeling that things should be easier, than know that you are onto something. Things are meant to be easier, in fact, peace is available to flow into your life easily, effortlessly, and abundantly.

The Missing Elements

Contrary to popular belief, peace does not just come from manipulating your external world and changing your mind. This is one third of the equation. For peace to find a home in you, it needs your body and your spirit too. For real peace to become part of you, you need to embrace this worthy need holistically. Gone are the days when ‘holistic’ was just a catchphrase for the new age movement. Science has finally caught up and we are seeing hardcore evidence that you must approach everything in your life from a holistic point of view. Body, mind, and spirit are all equal parts of what makes us human. We are powerful interdimensional beings having a human experience. Perhaps science has still not been able to quantify this aspect of our nature, but you can be sure that the deeply hidden truths about who we really are will come out, perhaps sooner than we realise. In the meantime, why waste time waiting in a state of dis-harmony.

Real Peace

Peace is not survival. Peace is thriving. What starts off as a seed you plant in mind, and spirit, eventually catches up in your body and external world. Once you start living in a permanent state of surrender to a higher power, trusting and constantly reconnecting with your divine source, the idea of heaven on earth is realised. This is a natural state of being; alive, connected and delighted.

Practical Steps to Peace

  1. First realise who you really are – a divine spark from the Creator. You have so many abilities you have not been taught how to use here in this world, but the moment you are shown, you will remember again.
  2. Decide you are tired of the old paradigm and let it go, surrendering to something greater than you. Admit you have been deceived and that you no longer need to live in survival mode. Give every concern, worry, doubt, problem, challenge, and burden up to the One who created All. It’s not your job to solve these. Your job is to trust.
  3. Decide your new way of living is one of absolute trust in the Divine and miraculous. Trust is the bedfellow of peace. Where peace goes, trust goes.
  4. Realise that you have a bucketload of disempowering programs that have literally been programmed into your mind since you were born. Ask your Awareness to show them to you. These programs are beliefs, memories and values that no longer serve you. These are the very same programs that cause you every negative emotion you have ever felt. Surrender these up and ask for them to be dissolved in the light of the Divine. Know that the universe operates on the Principle of Free Will. It’s up to you to ask for this help. It’s up to you to ask for these trauma filters to be cleared out of your life.
  5. Learn to treat every triggering moment as a reminder that you are being initiated into your true sovereignty; which is a state of love where you can bring heaven to earth right now. This life in this meat sack is the initiation – as subtle as it may appear sometimes. See it for what it is – a refining tool to shine up like a diamond. These triggering situations in your life are there for a reason, and each time you choose to alchemise (turn into love) the bad feelings, you are getting closer to peace. What ends up happening, is that the more you alchemise these bad feelings, the less and less tests you receive.
  6. Know that you are always surrounded by waves and frequencies of energy that you cannot see with your human eyes. Science can prove this is true (just think of a radio wave – can you see it?). Frequencies have a very real effect on your body, mind and spirit. Do a house clean on the frequencies you are allowing into your life. Science has shown that even music has a massive effect on matter. It can change the formation of particles into a beautiful pattern or a chaotic mess. The same thing happens to the cells of our body. We can create harmony or chaos down to a cellular level. Remove all ‘noise’ in your life that doesn’t create harmony including negative news media frequencies, addictive environments and technology. Take your shoes off and get grounded in the earth’s magnetic frequency.
  7. Return harmony to your body for a faster connection to peace. Stop eating foods and drink poisoned with pesticides and chemicals. Get the nutrients Gaia intended for you via organic foods. Cut out inflammation causing foods such as refined sugar and dense meats and dairy. Inflammation is the precursor to all dis-ease. Your birth right is perfect health. Go outside, breathe deeply and connect your body with Mother Earth.
  8. Spend time in the present moment each day. Our society has taught us to live in the past and the future. Did you know that not even one single negative emotion can live in the present moment? This is because time and space stop here. This is the place where you connect to that something that is greater than you, where you reverse the aging process, reduce cortisol levels (move from stress-mode to creation-mode) and most importantly, where you find peace. How do live in the now moment? Close your eyes, find somewhere quiet and breathe deeply. Put your hand on your heart and feel love, appreciation and gratitude for being alive. Some say you measure your true age by how many minutes, hours or days you spent completely present! If you only do this one step, you will already be on your way to radically transforming your life into one of peace.

You will know when you have found peace in your life. Everything stops and the background buzz disappears. You will experience longer and longer periods of absolute bliss during your practice of being present. Most of all, you will see your life transform before your very eyes. Your burdens, issues and challenges will miraculously work themselves out, to be replaced with miraculous flow. Your body will return to its optimum state and your mind will be working with you, the way it was designed to. Perhaps for the first time, you will feel truly alive, connected and delighted. Go get your peace today.

Malise Banks
When The Party Ends...

Once upon a time…

When I was 17 I thought I had the plan all sorted. I had already started university and had a fairly easy life in the quiet Sunshine Coast, a smallish town in sunny Queensland, Australia, full of young white families and retirees. You could say that I was kind of sheltered in my little existence, the oldest of five siblings, happily married parents, a relatively comfortable lifestyle. I had nothing to complain about and plenty to dream about. I had my health, friends, family I loved and a bucket load of dreams about being a successful career climber, wealthy home owner and proud partner and mother of 2.5 adorable children…at least somewhere down the line. I had a good head on me, knew I had a good grasp of history, geography and basic psychology. I’d read a lot of nonfiction books and felt my street cred was enough. Then I turned 18…

Party land…

It wasn’t that I suddenly fell down a giant black hole and lost all my former motivations and aspirations. It was more of a gradual shift into an alternative, not ideal, reality. A realisation that I’d missed out on the experience of what my peers and former school mates had all participated in - partying. After all, I had never really had more than one alcoholic beverage; except for that one time at a sweet sixteenth. I was never invited to high school parties or associated with the popular kids. The idea that I could legally take part in something new was an easy hook for someone as curious and adventurous as I am. It didn’t help that my part time job to support myself as a student was in the thick of it – hospitality. My new friends quickly educated me on what partying entailed. They demonstrated this very clearly the first time I was dragged out to a night club.

A nightclub is a very curious thing. Picture a dark room, intensely loud and hypnotic music, smoky vision and the smell of teen aftershave and sickly-sweet perfume mixing with pheromones and desperation. Now realise the room is packed full of sweaty, horny and recently legal teenagers and you have a very good reason to alter your mood with whatever you can find. It’s not exactly a peaceful, grounding and harmonious environment. Back when I came of age, every nightclub had a thick film of cigarette smoke to add to the mix of chaos. I would emerge from the “civilised” caves of the clubs into the early morning sky smelling like I’d been rolling around in an old ashtray. It wasn’t pleasant or attractive – thankfully the friend’s I had back then also stumbled out in the same state.
Curiosity killed the cat…

My best friend was a bit of a leader in terms of experimenting with cutting edge rebellious teen pursuits. She was the first to introduce me to sneaking underage into Candy’s night spot, the first to convince me that smoking was sexy, the first to shove a dexamphetamine into my innocent mouth, along with speed, and the gateway drug, marijuana. She was also the first person to convince me that perhaps I was bisexual, and that I should try it out for size just to be sure. I have to hand it to her, she helped me experience a lot in a short amount of time. A good way to get it out of your system and then not look back.
Of course, I still had aspirations. I just had to party hard so I could then leave it behind and go back to the plan. Little did I realise that it would be over a decade before I would really leave this period in my life. Partying would become a big part of my experience for quite some time. Unfortunately, my curiosity would not lay down and rest so alongside the partying I would continue to try new things, new relationships and as a result, new ways to get my mind further into future trouble before it had really finished developing.

The Dog Days…

Whilst I was never one to be noticed, reprimanded or arrested, I did cause long term damage. All these adventures I had over the years deeply affected my mind. I learned habits and ways of thinking that were troublesome, traumatic and detrimental to my mental health. My mind soaked up information that reformed into limited beliefs and faulty coping mechanisms. My neural pathways were working perfectly, ensuring I was neurotic, sad, depressed, angry, fearful and riddled with guilt. It’s not that unusual for a teenager to come out of this growth period of curiosity with a skewed and dysfunctional outlook on life. I was no exception.
Twenty twenty vision…

It’s taken a few years of deep retrospection, self-discovery and outside education and therapy to remove most of the faulty thinking I picked up in my youth. I know for a fact that not everyone has the fortune or even insight to repair their minds. We are often told via mainstream media that our problematic thinking and resultant depression, anger, sadness, fears and guilt are a chemical imbalance that should be treated with pharmaceutical prescription drugs. I certainly went down that track for a good ten years. It did nothing but numb me – a band aid is all it was; a waste of my life if I believed in regrets, which I don’t. I could talk about how big pharma are pleased with their business model of brainwashing the public into prescribing drugs. They would rather hide that fact that you can instead, re-wire our very malleable brains into healthy ones with healthy firing neural pathways. However, I think I’d rather save that conversation for another time.

I had a multitude of trauma’s that had to be re-wired over the years. Trauma’s that resulted in limited beliefs and internal conflicting parts issues in my life. My health was a mess due to bulimia that had me unsure how to eat, obsessed with my weight and spending hundreds of dollars on food that went down the toilet. My finances were a mess as I had no idea how to be steady with long term stable goals for my future. My relationships were riddled with trust issues, jealousy and emotional abuse. I thought I could only rely on myself so romantic relationships were mismatched and doomed to failure. I had no form of spirituality and I had long abandoned my Christian upbringing that I thought had been a terrible childhood indoctrination; I spent all my time just coping and getting through each day eating, mistrusting, working, partying, sleeping. My family were far away because I always lived in another city – I could conveniently deny the existence of others that were like me. I no longer had dreams or aspirations, they had long died after trying one too many times to stick to a course of study, career ladder or personal hobby to learn to master. If I did have a momentary idea, it would change every week. I shied away from anyone who could criticise my ideas and then I finally shied away from all new fulfilling ideas. I relied on mind altering substances including food to escape my reality and numb the pain I felt every day. My friends would see a bubbly party girl who always seemed upbeat. The truth was, the rest of the time I was a sad zombie, flying solo so as not to raise anyone’s suspicions.

Blind leading the blind…

Believe me when I say, I did try very hard to dig myself out of my issues. The problem was that I had nothing but the government health system as a reference and I was surrounded by loving but ignorant people wanting to help. I continued to move from one anti-depressant to another. I read hundreds of popular self-help books and went to a few 12 step meetings. I saw numerous psychologists, psychiatrists and counsellors. One psychologist told me at the end of a six-month period that my condition was hopeless and there was nothing I could do. He added that I should not get myself officially diagnosed to avoid eternal judgement by healthcare professionals! Nothing worked.

Deleting the program…

One day I met a man who changed everything. No, it was not Jesus nor was it the amazing partner I live with today. This man was Robb Whitewood. He was a very unassuming man, soft spoken with soft hands and a reddish beard. He humbly sat waiting for me in a café in Sydney. I had all but given up on reaching a new chapter in my life, forever doomed to remain in my dark dog partying period, unhappy, traumatised and, seemingly permanently damaged. He introduced me to a concept without actually naming it. He made perfect sense and disarmed me with this insight and ability to reach me. Seldom did I trust anyone however, I trusted Robb. It was only just over an hour when I walked out feeling lighter, different, joyful, even hopeful. Later I would learn that this was the first exposure I had to Neuro Linguistic Programming, a mind science that world intelligence agencies, the defence forces and high-profile leaders use to quickly remove faulty thinking and re-wire the brain in your favour (and sometimes not, depending on good intentions).

Life transforms if you seek the truth…

Fast forward a few months and I was enrolled in Robb’s course being held in a Golf Club in a leafy suburb called Pymble. It was a course that will always mark the crossover period in my life. I went from being a victim to being a creator almost overnight. I do not exaggerate here. We are taught that this is impossible in mainstream therapy and psychology. Not so! Our minds are neuroplastic. I have since witnessed hundreds of people’s lives shift miraculously from being at cause to being at effect. From mediocre to a force to be reckoned with. I have numerous friends who can attest to this too. Not long after my life changed I realised I had a special gift in helping others build and fortify their mind and shape it into the powerful computer it is, able to create personal fulfillment, a loving existence and long-lasting joy. I now spend my days recognising limited and disempowering programming in others, quickly able to help show them via NLP techniques, hypnosis and wisdom from the ancient teachers and sages, how to bring back joy and build resilience. I show people how to live outside of duality within the unified field beyond the system of programs we all thought were once the only possibility. It is always a pleasure for me to be able to share my story, raw and real as it is with those who can benefit from having a guide and mentor help them out of their deep and muddy puddle. Whilst this has been a very brief personal back story of my victory, I have plenty more to share with those who are brought to share my path.

*A special thank you to Robb Whitewood who changed my life with such humble wisdom and love. Rest in peace dear Robb. *

Malise Banks
Blast Away Limiting Beliefs About Self Worthiness

We all know that to have self-love is to have a high regard for your own well-being and happiness. To have a healthy self-love is to take care of your own needs and not sacrifice your well-being to please others. Self-love is not settling for less than you deserve, it’s deciding that you truly deserve the best.

However, you may be holding onto one or a few limiting beliefs about yourself that are getting in the way from experiencing authentic unconditional love in your life. When we have a lack of self-worthiness, we end up creating a less desirable trajectory for our lives. If you desire to be a blessing for others by giving love, you first need to be able to receive that very same love! Limiting beliefs are actually just programming. These beliefs have nothing to do with the real you - the multidimensional pure loving awareness that you really are.

I’ve listed just a few limiting beliefs below.

See if you recognise any of these in yourself.**

  • I am not loveable
  • I can’t do anything right
  • I have to be perfect
  • I need others to like me
  • I always scare people off
  • I am not sexy enough
  • I am not worthy of a good partner
  • I can’t be my real self
  • It’s too late to change
  • I can’t trust people
  • I am always abandoned

So, what can we do about these pesky illusions that plague our life and stop us from fully loving our true being?

Allow me to show you how you can reprogram your beliefs and create a new set of neural pathways that fully support self-love. The more you practice these steps as beliefs come up, the faster you will transform your perceptual filter system, and open channels of abundance.

First, it’s important to be aware of the following steps.

  1. Ask yourself what is the benefit of this belief.
  2. Flip the belief over to find the equal and opposite belief.
  3. Ask yourself for the specific evidence that this belief is true (prove the belief).
  4. Form a new affirmative belief based on new research and evidence.

Let's imagine that deep down in your subconscious mind you've grown up believing that you are not loveable (and you can imagine the kind of heartache that one would experience with this mindset - rejection and abandonment issues would be strong, perhaps even addictions to compensate, but I won't go into that right now) ...

So, step 1: Ask yourself what is the benefit of this belief. In this case, to feel unlovable creates an opportunity to learn how to be loved.

**Step 2: **Flip the belief over to find the equal and opposite belief. So, I am not loveable becomes I am fully loveable.

Step 3: Ask yourself for the specific evidence that this belief is true (prove the belief). Let's see...No one has actually told me that they don’t love me. I may be exaggerating. Love is sometimes demonstrated through acts of service, kind gestures etc. Perhaps I need to re-evaluate how people have shown their love. And, specific evidence shows that my mum loves me and so does my brother.

Step 4: The final step. Form a new affirmative belief based on the new research and evidence… So based on the evidence I've gathered today about being unlovable, I really can't feel the same way anymore and so my New Belief is: “I am loved by many, both overtly and covertly and there is room for me to learn how to be even more lovable.”

For this person who went through life generalising that they are unlovable - they can no longer use this rather sweeping generalisation.

It doesn’t fit and it doesn’t empower. When you break it down there are many factors keeping this belief from sticking.

What happens on a neurological level, you may ask? When this person is faced with old triggers that would normally bring up the feeling of being unlovable, the belief won’t hold the same power. Eventually the old neural pathway will shrivel up as new beliefs replace and empower.

So, this is how we can transform and eradicate old beliefs that no longer serve us about ourselves. You can follow these easy steps and reframe your perception of reality. And believe me, things will change for you in miraculous ways when you decide to pull out some of these pesky limiting beliefs that have been lurking in the shadows. Healthy shadow work is clearing the old programming that's keeping you from realising your true self.

Self-love is really just remembering that you are not you’re programming and doing away with its hold on your sovereignty as a multidimensional being.

So, go ahead and challenge your limiting beliefs that you are not worthy of love and watch your world change for the better.

You will attract more reasons to feel the unconditional love of the Creator whilst being able to give a greater love to others.

Malise Banks
A Powerful Alternative Approach to Treat Anxiety and Depression

The following is an exploration of how we might rewire the brain for more happiness and less anxiety and depression. This point of view is taken from Neuro Linguistic Programming and may be helpful in expanding your awareness around how we program our minds.

For those of you who may not realise, depression affects approximately 1 in 8 men and 1 in 6 women. Similarly, anxiety has an even higher rate – 1 in 5 men and 1 in 3 women. The point is, it’s quite normal and it’s not something to hide away from. However, it’s also quite serious and if left unchecked, will affect all parts of your life.

From an NLP perspective, depression is, very simply, being caught in a loop which is stuck in the past, i.e., consistently accessing memories of pain from the past and unconsciously reliving them.

Anxiety, on the other hand, is very simply, is being caught in a loop which is stuck in the future, i.e., consistently creating worst-case scenario fantasies of the future.

Today I’m here to help you understand that these are ways of thinking (your neural wiring) that can be changed.

In 2005, the National Science Foundation published an article summarizing research on human thoughts per day. It was found that the average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. Of those thousands of thoughts, 80% were negative, and 95% were exactly the same repetitive thoughts as the day before. This means we are acting on auto pilot most of the time according to our pre-set programs.

These programs come from our beliefs, past experiences and values. Neuroscience has found that we can consciously rewire our brain.

But what do we want to wire into our brains instead?

Most of our pain comes from the perception of time and space. If we took away time and space from our reality, we would have no depression and no anxiety. We would only have NOW.

When you are truly present in the NOW, you are not thinking about what has happened to you, or what could happen. You are purely observing, with all your senses, the position that you are occupying right now.

So, one of the fastest ways to rewire your brain, and releasing states of depression or anxiety, is to start consciously practicing being completely present – even if it starts with just 5 minutes a day. Take time out from your memories or imagination. It takes about 21 days to create a new neural pathway and on average, 66 days to ensure it is a wide laned superhighway neural pathway, meaning, a well-established new habitual way of thinking. This has radically changed my life for the better and hence why I share this with others.

Now, before I go, I’d love to leave you with you a little shortcut for getting into the present moment, and creating instant joy, remembering that happiness is simply a state of mind that you can turn on at any time. You see, happiness is a neural peptide that your brain pumps out when you access a positive memory, idea or thought…You can train your brain to access this state simply by following these couple steps regularly…

Step 1.
Remember that motion = emotion, so slow your breathing. Become aware of your breathing and slow it right down and take several deep breaths. This will tell your whole biological system that you are safe and take you far away from the stress response of fight or flight. Breath in for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds, breath out for 5 seconds. Doing this alone, will drastically improve your emotional and physical health.

Okay, so after you’ve taken several deep breaths…

Step 2.
Think of 3 things you are grateful for right now in this current moment. That might be that the sun is shining, or that you have a delicious lunch in front of you, or that you simply appreciate someone special being in your life. What you are doing is accessing feelings of appreciation, gratitude, compassion and love.

It becomes almost impossible to feel sad, depressed or anxious during this exercise, and that’s what we want to train our brain to do more of.

Remember too, that depression and anxiety are signs you need to address something in your life. You can’t just drink a cup of concrete or snap out of it. It first takes acknowledgement that something is out of whack, then time to change your thinking, emotions and behaviour. Please don’t ignore this or push this down. Just like you would research good health for your body, do some research for mastering your mind. There is a knock-on effect when you make it important to nurture your mind just as much as your physical body; your whole life starts improving drastically.

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It's Time To Become Conscious
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