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Intuitive Healing Session

healing session
$144 USD

I utilize a combination of chakra reading, energy work, shamanic tools, and intuitive channeling to bring peace, calm, and clarity to the bodymind.

This is for you if:

You are wanting clarity regarding a life circumstance, and its greater purpose, with a curiosity of where this energy is working mentally, emotionally, and spiritually., and what the lesson/karmic pattern is for you.

You feel that something is ‘off’ mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and are seeking to access your inner awareness to gain clarity for the purpose of learning and progressive growth.

You are feeling stuck and are seeking guidance on what is wanting to move and shift in your being, with a desire to consciously connect with what will activate your connection to your own personal freedom and liberation.

You are interested in cultivating your sexual energy for healing, growth, and expansion.

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$144 USD
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