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I offer a comprehensive overhaul of your current diet in order to bring you back to balance. I'm all for doing this gently and enjoyably, it's definitely not a boot camp approach!

I need you to provide me with details of how you currently eat, so I can offer suggestions on how to make adjustments.

Please note:I don't offer meat, fish or fowl based dietary advice.

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I'm an intuitve, empath, nutritional therapist, reiki master and energy healer. I love helping people and animals feel better and live with joy!

18 years of practice
On Core Spirit since March 2021

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Helen Kirby
Jun 6, 2021

Hi Anna, Thank you for your query. I am just getting set up on this platform and the hang of how it all works, so apologies for any delay in responding. At present I am not offering a diet plan as such, although I may do in the future. What I do in this particular offer, is more general, as in looking at what you currently eat and what your issues are ,and what you would like a change of diet to achieve and then give you alternatives, but I would have a lot of suggestions once I knew what it is you wanted to achieve. I'm not yet set up to take money on here but if you want to give me an idea of what you want to change your diet for - ie health issues and/ or weight loss , I'm happy to offer some free help.

Anna Ginger
Jun 5, 2021

Hello! If I have no dietary restrictions, can you write a diet plan for me?

$70 USD
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$70 USD