Human Design Reading

coaching session
$350 USD
$350 USD

Human Design is an extra-ordinary system that brings incredibly precise information about your energetic mechanics. It gives you detailed information about who you are, your conditioning, your non-self, and all of your issues that you need to work on. It also provides your gifts, your strengths, and your lifetime goals and purpose. It truly empowers you by giving you a decision making power so that you can authentically make decision through your correct authority center, keeping you on track to succeed in all aspects of your life. Manex Ibar is 12 years into Human Design experience, and with his clairvoyance, his shamanic experience, and his scientific physics and sound engineering background, delivers a unique and powerfully practical reading that can truly change your life.

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I’ve been serving source as a spiritual guide for 20 years globally, with several mystical life initiations, including being hit by lightning, drowning on vision quest in the pacific and being saved by a blue whale. I’ve spent over 420 cumulative days in nature alone, after following 8 different master teachers in Bon, Shamanism, Dzogchen, Wizardry, plant medicines, & energetics. Denak Bat Gira

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Career Coaching
Executive Expert Coaching
Nearest available time:
Sep 30, 2023, 07:00
$1250 USD
coaching session

Manex Ibar is an expert executive coach to bring high performance to already excelling individuals in the business, financial, technology and energy sectors amongst others. Having coached celebrities, CEO’s, royalty, executives, millionaires and billionaires, politicians, and professionals for the last 15 years, Manex’s expertise in bringing fast, pertinent, and accurate information about the individual so that they can achieve more in less time, with less effort. Mostly, all high-networth individuals have particular needs and understandings that are beyond the normal. Manex is their spiritual guide and coach. Learn from one of the best. Combining several modalities and wisdom systems, Manex gets right to the point and provides effective, efficient, and practical advice to help you thrive and lead better.

Manex Ibar
Shamanic Healing
Expert Shamanic Healing & Reading
Nearest available time:
Sep 30, 2023, 07:00
$650 USD
coaching session

Manex Ibar is a true modern mystic, shaman, and clairvoyant, known worldwide for his expertise in consciousness, subconsciousness and supra-consciousness. He guides high performing individuals through spiritual connection to heal, gain wisdom, and perform better in all realms of their lives. Through 15 years of experience, Manex also leads workshops, webinars, and provides deep and rich experiences with nature. He has been struck by lightning, died in the pacific through drowning, and has spent over 450 days in Nature on solo emergence.

Manex Ibar
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