Herbal Education Doula Service

$300 USD
$300 USD

Get pregnancy and labor education & support from an herbalist!

Support from herbs and nature can play a huge part in growing and bringing a baby Earth side. Plant medicine can help us go deeper into that primal and natural state of creating life with gentleness and femininity.

Unfortunately, there are many fears when it comes to using natural remedies during pregnancy, labor, and breastfeeding. The good news is that many herbs and remedies can be used under the guidance of an herbalist and your medical care provider.
Whether you’re looking to ease your morning sickness with the healing power of plants or calm your new momma nerves with gentle flower essences this program will get you started on the right path with confidence.
The Herbal Education Doula package will help you achieve your dreams of a healthy, natural pregnancy and birth.

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Amelia Acosta2021-04-29 09:36 UTC

Hello! My daughter is about to get pregnant, and I was wondering if you could consult her

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