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I use a combination of techniques and therapies to help my clients, depending on their needs and whatever they are drawn to - this creates a unique and bespoke service, that adapts and flows as we work through sessions. I can include any of; practical coaching with NLP, counselling / talking therapy, happiness life coaching, positive mindset work, spiritual coaching, energy management, reiki, psychic guidance, card readings, using my intuition and Law of Attraction coaching. \*\*\* I work with those who, quite simply, want to be happier and feel better about their life! We look at areas that are not fulfilling and/or are causing distress and discuss ways to improve them, using practical tips and techniques that really work. Combining these with the benefits of talking therapy, energy alignment and healing, with a dash of intuition as needed. \*\*\* If you are feeling stuck and unable to move forward, I can help you untangle the thoughts that constantly whirl around, leaving you confused and frustrated - and often paralysed into inaction. If you are not moving forward towards the life you really want, we will define what lights you up, what your life desires are and set goals to reach these desires. \*\*\* Pricing for Coaching Sessions - Initial Consultation Session: £75 (for 80 mins) Ongoing Sessions: £50 (for 50 mins). Sessions are available in-person in Chelmsford or via Zoom, including weekends. \*\*\* Packages & Add ons available.

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I’m a Happiness Life Coach for the spiritually inclined. I help people find more happiness within and to develop their spirituality. I am also a qualified Law of Attraction Coach, Master NLP Practitioner and a Reiki Master / Teacher for animals and people.

I offer 121 coaching or a self-study program, “Spiritual Awakening for Beginners”

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Samuel Johnson
Apr 20, 2021

Hello! I suffer from depression. I feel that I want to return to the past because I miss people that are not with me at the moment because of me… So, I don’t know how to overcome it and start feeling better about myself. Can you advise me on anything, please?

$100 USD