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Guidance for Artists and Creatives in Pasadena

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$200 USD

You’re a musician, visual artist, filmmaker, actor, dancer or writer. You’ve heard discouraging messaging your whole life about how you can’t make a career from your creative pursuits, but that’s never held you back. Sometimes it can feel like a blessing and a curse. Artists have unique gifts, but also face unique challenges, like imposter syndrome, creative blocks and audition fatigue. This is where I come in. I help you get your mindset right -- through mindfulness, self-compassion, challenging unhelpful beliefs, overcoming past traumas and more -- so that you can pursue your creative vision.

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Anna Ginger
Aug 12, 2021

Hello! I have a similar situation since I am a dancer. And now I don't seem to see a future for dancing. Will you help me?

$200 USD
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