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Getting Out Of Depression

healing session
$28 USD
$28 USD

Learn various cognitive and holistic therapies to get out of depression

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Barcelona, Spain

As a life-transformation coach-counselor, I believe in delving into the root of the problem & not just finding a temporary solution to the symptoms of my clients. Also I have created E-Motion dance therapy and Danza Shimmy to validate our emotions & allow them to resonate through our mind and body through holistic movements and mind-gut connection.

On Core Spirit since August 2020


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2021-09-11 20:48 UTC

I never advice my clients to take anti-depression as the withdrawal symptoms can be quite bad. While I have worked with so many of my clients, who were on anti-depressants they recovered and then automatically stopped consuming them after the doctor´s consent. They didn´t not require them anymore.

My apologies for the late reply, love and light, Natasha Vaswani

2021-09-11 20:45 UTC

sorry for the late reply as I was too caught up in work. So yes I work with unconventional yet effective methods. You can check out my website to know more about the methods I use as well as my instgram account-unfilteringourselves. Thanks, love and light, Natasha Vaswani

Stormi Smith
2021-04-13 11:00 UTC

If a person is already taking anti-depressants, and would like to work with you, would it be advisable to stop medicating?

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Jerome Kieras
2021-03-22 12:38 UTC

I’ve been depressed for four years. Drug therapy doesn’t work. It just feels like it’s hiding the heart of the problem because I’m having a hard time finding contact with a therapist. I’d like to try unconventional methods of treating depression. Can you learn a little bit more about your methods?