Follow-Up Consultation: 20 minutes

$109 USD
$109 USD

A check in to see how you are feeling since implementing recommendations from previous consultation. I offer guidance, answer your questions, and change recommendations as needed to keep you on track for improving your health, reaching your goals, and feeling your best.

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Dr. Katie Coleman is a licensed naturopathic doctor with expertise in gastrointestinal conditions and endocrine disorders. Dr. Coleman’s passion is helping people of all ages struggling with pain, discomfort, and embarrassment to regain their confidence and health. Offering individualized care and guidance, including the use of clinical nutrition, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, and botanical medicine.

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Dr. Katie Coleman, ND2021-05-19 20:28 UTC

Hello Joan. Yes, naturopathic medicine absolutely has many effective tools to decrease stress and anxiety. Most people find 4-5 sessions are needed over a period of four months or so. The first session is the Initial Comprehensive Evaluation then sessions are 20 minute or 40 minute Follow-Ups.

Joan Wilson2021-05-19 10:08 UTC

Hello! Do you think your practice will help with the problem of stress and anxiety? If so, how many sessions are needed? Thanks in advance!

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