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Energy Healing sessions remotely "The Power of distance Energy Healing" with Car

healing session
$136 USD

I am a Psychic Energy and Spiritual Healer with more than 25 years experience and with innate abilitites. I provide several different healing sessions modalities and my registered technique called ChakraAura.

I can help you with physical pain , lose weight, chakra balancing, stress. lack of self-esteem, emotional pain and much more.

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Energy Healer with successful results with my Remote Distant Energy Healing sessions and Chakra balancing.
I created my own Psychic Energy and Spiritual Healing Technique registered as ChakraAura® after having help hundreds of people around the world with pain, stress, and more.
I have more than 25 year’s experience working with different healing modalities such as Reiki, Pranic Healing, …

On Core Spirit since January 2021

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Carmel Sastre
Aug 4, 2022

Hi Jess, sorry for not having replied, I realized that the messages were going to my spam folder, and I only noticed it when I was trying to add another service.
Yes Jess, I can help, you can try a session and take it from there see if you feel better. I have amazing results in many issues, obviously I can never guarantee same as an energy healer same as doctors.

Carmel Sastre
Sep 11, 2021

Hi Jess, sorry to hear that, yes it can help I work with joint paint, arthritis, lower back pain, etc. It has helped many people, but it takes a few sessions, many people I had with this problem get better, others totally good, it all depends on the number of sessions, chronicity, how long it is there the problem and the person. If you want you can try a few sessions to see if it gets better, from the first one you should feel something. If you wish to go ahead a book a session you can let me know and can see what time would be good for if you tell me your time Zone. I am in CEST time.

Jess Rogers
May 12, 2021

Can it help me with my spondyloarthrisis?

$136 USD
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