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Removing physical pain with Distant Remote Energy Healing sessions

Feb 10, 2021
Core Spirit member since Jan 28, 2021
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Energy healing uses the hands to cleanse, remove and project healing energy. That can be done face to face, in person or distant or remotely. It has the same results.

The hands have a healing power that has been used throughout the centuries. Pain occurs when energy does not flow properly at a certain areas of the body and it will need to be cleansed and removed by using the magnetic power of the hands. Energy Healing is this powerful Energy that transforms and balances the energy. When we fall and get hurt we all automatically put our hands on the place that hurts.Then we clean the wound and heal it with medication or alternative medicine.

In Aura and Chakra Energy Healing, it works the same way, I cleanse the wound or affected part with the hands, and once cleansed it is energized with clean energy providing a specific vibration depending on the case.

In addition to working with the area of problem, I also work with some specific major and minor Chakras, as well as with the Aura. As well I work with the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical energy as that is what we are all made up of.

It is important to know the root of the problem as pain can be due to an emotional schock or bad experience.

The decrease in pain is progressive, and sometimes it happens in a matter of a few minutes. Depending on the problem, it will require more or less sessions to let the energy of the body flow in harmony. The more time you carry the problem the more difficult it is to remove.

We can compare it to, for example, if you leave a cup of coffee dry for one year, to cleanse the cup will take a lot more time.

I have many cases and testimonials of people that stopped suffering from pain (neck pain, back pain, pain in the hips, fibromialgia, etc).

Energy Healing works with the Universal or Cosmic Energy, Earth Energy and the Energy and vibration of the Elements that surroung us. This Energy has the power of transforming, same as when you sunbathe that the skin gets darker. You are more than welcome to try an Energy Healing session and change the energy for the best.

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