Energetic Blueprint Reading + Remedy Plan for 2022

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The natural living energy of your home and office affect you and your life. Like gravity. We can't see it but it is there. There are also annual shifts in energy that impact existing energetic patterns that further affect you by being in the spaces they exist (your office, bedroom, kitchen and a super important space the front entrance). The remedy plan offered here will balance those unseen forces to create a more harmonious atmosphere and support a life of well-being for the occupants. This very special and limited offer will map out the energy of your home or office and provide you with a straightforward plan to balance the elemental energy of your space using natural elements and colors for 2022. Bringing Feng Shui into your life allows you to feel more suppported, life will run more smoothly, things your desire will begin to show up, you will feel better and more at ease. If you would like to enjoy the benefits of Feng Shui this opportuntiy can not be missed. You receive a personalized Feng Shui floor plan that reveals the energetic blue print of your home or office complete with natural remedies that will take you through 2022. Plus color and décor recommendations for each room. PLUS! (yes there is more) a personal one-on-one follow up with me. This amazing life changing service is being offered for only $449, an $1,800 value. It absolutley will not last, space is limited. Offer valid through Decmeber 31, 2021. Gift Certificates are available!

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Liz is a professional Certified Master of traditional Feng Shui of the International Feng Shui School. A Certified Geomancer + Dowsing practitioner and Certified in advanced studies of Flying Stars from the IFS School. Studied with renowned Masters Alex Stark + Amanda Sophia, Kartar Diamond and Shaman Paul O'Halloran. Immersed since 99, Professional since 2018. ​ ​ ​ ​
4 years of practice
On Core Spirit since December 2020

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