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Liz Dupre Feng Shui Services Overview

Dec 9, 2020
Liz Dupre
Core Spirit member since Dec 8, 2020
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Classical Feng Shui Analysis (Natal and Flying Star Charts), that includes comprehensive energy analysis with recommendations for effective enhancements and remedies to harness the natural forces of nature that will promote prosperity, harmony, vitality and constructive changes.

Chi Flow analysis that may include furniture placement and décor adjustments, and Chi gate recommendations.

We can focus on specific desires like Feng Shui for Wealth, Health, Relationships, Love & Romance, Fertility, Buying or Selling.

Feng Shui analysis for proper Land Selection, Architectural Layout and Interior Planning that results in the most supportive selection and design for the occupants success, health, wealth and well-being.

Home, business, exterior door and room color selections based on Flying Stars & 8 Mansions & General Use.

I also offer Intentional Feng Shui mapping by compass direction and recommendations.

Liz Dupre
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