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The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy”. Literally ‘universal life energy’.
Our spirit is energy, all disease begins with spiritual dis-ease. Many times this can be caused by stress or trauma.
Dis-ease is a lack of something (ease/health), whereas disease is the presence of something (an endpoint condition).
When we become unable to manage our dis-ease, it manifests in our body as disease. Our body is communicating to us, where we are blocked.
Our energetic body has been proven with science, by many studies. HeartMath Institute and Dr. Joe
Dispensa are two examples.
We have a "source" energy which connects us, it is where we come from, and where we return. It is what some call God, or the energetic life source.
Source energy is boundless, there are no limits. We are all connected through the source energy, hence the ability to heal at any distance.
In my sessions... I perform energy healing, in person or at a distance. I tap into source energy and use that ability to draw out disease and replace the dis-ease energy with healing, abundant, source energy.
A shift is immediate, and continues to grow for many hours/days after the session. I also include an after care plan + meditation.
The after care plan is specifically tailored to each client's needs.
The meditation is a very short exercise and the benefits of 3 mins, have been scientifically proven to last up to six hours.
Each session includes a brief discussion, both before the energy healing, and after. This is to assess dis-ease, confirm a shift, as well as implement the aftercare plan.

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