Distance Reiki

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$35 USD
$35 USD

Reiki healing is incredibly effective. It’s good for everything from a sprained ankle, a headache, to working through difficult emotional issues. Reiki is calming and soothing, can assist with sleep and offers the body the assistance it needs to promote healing naturally.

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Blue Lotus Readings2021-05-06 16:07 UTC

Hi Sherry, typically Reiki sessions are extremely relaxing. You may feel some warmth in the places I am working, but the most common experience is just feeling relaxed and likely a little sleepy. I love doing remote/distance Reiki for this reason.. you can just rest and take a nap during the session, or I can schedule it for a time when you are going to bed. Trust your body, typically after a session you feel completely normal, but there is the possibility that you might be a bit sleepy, but if you have to get up and go about your day, it doesn’t last long.

Blue Lotus Readings2021-05-06 16:02 UTC

sorry - duplicate message

Sherry Turnbull2021-05-06 09:33 UTC

Hello! Could you please tell me, what can I expect to feel during a reiki session? Is there anything I should do to support myself after a treatment? Thanks.

Blue Lotus Readings2021-04-17 19:32 UTC

Hi Janine.. it might depend on the reason you are getting headaches… is there an injury involved? or allergies or sinus issues? we could certainly do one session and see how it makes you feel… I have had clients in the past that experience fairly quick success, and others that needed a few sessions. I have one client who only ever gets me to send her reiki to alleviate migraines when they crop up.
I’m sorry I couldn’t be more definitive but usually if the reiki is going to help, you should be able to feel something after the session or the next day. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Kim

Janine2021-04-16 17:28 UTC

Hello! I have constant headaches and I wonder how many sessions on average are required to feel the result?

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