Dissolve Unwanted Feelings & Experience Deeper Peace

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In just one session together you can sense the inner peace beyond the mental storm of the mind. This session is a powerful way to dissolve negative feelings blocking happiness, calm, and fulfilment now.

You can use this time as a way to dissolve anything that disturbs inner peace.

One session has a noticable and powerful effect on your life. More sessions increase the power of this effect.

The primary method utilsed in sessions is called The Sedona Method®.

Examples of things that can be easily addressed:

  1. Worry about the future
  2. Fear of what others think
  3. Feeling lost and unsure about life
  4. Shame
  5. Guilt
  6. Traumatic experiences
  7. Feeling financially insecure

At the same time, we can also explore the truth of what you are:

  1. Discover that you are peaceful presence
  2. Experience that you are awareness
  3. Melt everything in the love that you are

Our time together is a precious opporunity to dissolve the negative and embrace the truth that what you are, is beyond any thought, feeling, or idea. Discover your full potential in a natural and easy way.

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Nick is a trained PSYCH-K® fascilitator - having attended basic, advanced, as well as Health & Wellbeing training where he learnt how limiting subconscious beliefs can be changed for positive life and health outcomes. Nick also utilises The Sedona Method® in his sessions and sees incredible shifts for clients after even just one session.

4 years of practice
On Core Spirit since October 2021

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$200 USD
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