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Discovery call: I want what she's having

coaching session
$10 USD

Get clear on the issues you want to change with a simple plan.

Please allow up to an hour for our call by Internet in order to go deep into the problem, issue, pain or situation you are ready to address.

A short questionnaire will need to be filled out and returned at least 24 hours before our meeting in order for me to prepare and give you the best outcome possible.

In this meeting you'll realize what has been holding you back from pursuing your goals,
• Leave with actionable recommendations,
• Use a simple & effective process to relax and feel good,
• Decide if we are a good fit to work together.

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Linda is a trained drama teacher and an experienced practitioner in emotionally focused transformations. She guides sensitive adults to release what drains them so they reconnect with ease.

She’s known for her enthusiasm, practicality, funny bone and injects you with confidence.“I’m so glad I found you. Leaving no stone unturned to help me let go all of my bothers and inspire me to a new me”.

8 years of practice
On Core Spirit since February 2022


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$10 USD
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