Discover Your Weekly Intention

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Take the opportunity to discover your weekly intention through mindful & authentic journaling. Virtually, we'll have a short meditation and a journaling prompt.

Target audience

Anyone wanting a more authentic connection with their inner wisdom.


Through non-dominate handwriting, we will uncover our inner wisdom.


We’ll have a short discussion about what we reveal.

Other comments

Bring a notebook or journal.

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Atlanta, GA, USA

Katharine’s varied background gives her a vast knowledge of the perspectives of many of those who love listening to her guidance and meditation. She is an inspiration to those at a crossroads and trying to make choices about where they want to go in their lives. She gets and supports women who put others first all the time, but need to also find ways to fill their own cup.

With an extensive and varied career background that spans across many different industries. With a few decades of marketing experience under her belt, including a Diamond-level certification in trade-show marketing. She knows a thing or two about connecting with people in the business environment.

Her love for connection and community is what drew her to small business culture. Katharine transitioned from working in a global corporate environment to the world of coworking. She now plays dual roles, as both founder and Chief Community Officer at Alkaloid Networks. Katharine thrives on fostering connection for members who are growing their businesses. Additionally, she started the Atlanta Coworking Alliance nonprofit to bring together local owners and operators in the region.

Opening a coworking space was a significant shift, but Katharine has mastered the art of adapting with grace, even while struggling through personal challenges. During the past two decades, Katharine has navigated the realm of self-care, studying multiple wellness disciplines to support her own personal growth. She can shift seamlessly from topics around marketing, to kinesiology, then coaching in the same conversation.

The culmination of her journey over the last few years is her book, Inner Affirmations. This book is Katharine’s testament to her practice of self-care and the kind of growth that comes from a journaling routine. She is thrilled to share this transformative book with anyone who might need its affirming support.

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