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Detailed Tarot Reading by Email

therapy session
$25 USD

Whether you have been searching for answers or you’re in need of direction in life, a Tarot reading can help you to discover the best course of action. It can allow you to better understand yourself and your purpose so that you can tweak everything that needs adjusting to create your ideal future outcome.

My ability to create tailored Tarot spreads is what makes me unique. When I create a spread for you, I take everything into consideration so that I can deliver you the answers you have been seeking

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I love connecting my clients with their own universal current. Like a lot of people, I don’t believe the future is set in stone. We are guided by many forces but ultimately we are all responsible for our own destiny. A Tarot reading should help to guide you through life and assist you with reaching your full potential.

19 years of practice
On Core Spirit since December 2020

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Martina Malone
Apr 15, 2021

your sessions will help me find out what kind of negativity I have?
What can I do to get rid of the negative program? Thank you in advance for your answer!

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