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Hello Everyone! Numbers have their own language. Numbers do speak. Connect with me to the every bit of your Date of Birth. This service will disclose all the answers or facts of your life. Numbers have an answer of all your life problems and we can use numbers to improve your life for better. You can connect with me for the service of Numerology to know all the below mentioned points

  1. Career Path

  2. Remedies of all the problems

  3. Love Relationship

  4. Business Advice

  5. Lucky Numbers

  6. Time to start any event

  7. Favorable time

  8. How to change life for better

  9. Spiritual journey

  10. About your Soulmate

  11. Name Correction/ Name Change for better luck

This numbers reading will give you a meaningful life and answers to all your questions. You will get a detailed description in this service.

With Love and Blessings

Veenita R Solanki

(Your Life Coach)

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I am an Indian psychic reader who is intensely interested in Occult Science. With 6 years of experience and extensive knowledge of Numerology, Palmistry,Awarded Tarot Card , Reiki Healing. I have number of satisfied clients.
You can connect with me for
!) Career
2) Love & Relationship
3) Health
4) marriage
5) Education
6) Family
7) Name Correction

Lets enrich your Soul with Positivity!!

6 years of practice
On Core Spirit since May 2021

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Veenita R Solanki
May 28, 2021

Hello Michelle! sessions completely depends on your queries. I will suggest some remedies. You need to practice those remedies to see the change in your life.

God Bless You
Veenita R Solanki

Veenita R Solanki
May 28, 2021

Hello Aisha! Yes it does. You are born with some special numbers. Some numbers are visible to you that are there in your date of birth and some needs to be calculated with the combination of your name and date of birth. We can change the most effective number to have positivity in our life.
Apologize for late reply

God Bless You
Veenita R Solanki

Veenita R Solanki
May 28, 2021

Hello Joan! Yes these sessions helps in improving the mental health. I'll Explain your life purpose so that you feel motivated and concentrate on that. Will suggest few changes in name as per the numerology and remedies. Combination of all will bring good positive change in your life.
Apologize for late reply
Best Wishes :)

Michelle Collins
May 28, 2021

Hi! How many sessions are needed to start noticing the results? Thank you advance!

Aisha Lewis
May 24, 2021

Hello! Can numerology affect my destiny?

Joan Wilson
May 24, 2021

Hello! This is very exciting. I want to know more. Do your sessions help to improve mental health? Thx in advance :)

$23 USD