Custom Audio Meditation

$59 USD
$59 USD

I specialise in creating custom guided meditations for business or personal use.

For Business:
If you are a busy wellbeing entrepreneur or business owner, and you want to use meditations to help your clients and followers, but you maybe don’t have the time to dedicate to writing and creating them yourself. I offer my services to take the hassle and time out of writing these meditations. This is what I love to do. I have two years of experience writing meditations for business clients and every single one of them has been very satisfied, returning for repeat orders.

For Personal:
I also have experience creating individual custom meditations for personal use. While general meditations are very helpful to transform our lives, the effect is magnified when a meditation is created specifically for an individual listener, to target their specific needs.

I can write on any subject topic for your meditation or ritual that you desire.

Some past meditation topics for clients include:

emotional eating,
money attraction,
soul mate attraction,
inner child connection,
mother wound healing,
me time,
the 9 contemplations of death.

Affirmations I have written include topics on:

exercise & fitness,
love & relationships,
stress & anxiety
weight loss
positive thinking
achieving goals
lifting vibrational frequency
waking up energized

Please book an appointment and we can arrange a video consultation or email discussion to work out the details of your meditation.

Price includes one custom written audio Meditation recording with background music, between 10-30 minutes in length:

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