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Crystals are placed at different points on the body to release tension and open energy blockages resulting in deep relaxation and reboot of body system on all levels. Physical emotional mental and spiritual.

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Oshun Healing Lodge provides an orientation back to self using various forms of energy healing to suit the individual needs. Either lifes demands or past traumatic experiences are causing you to feel unbalanced. Session provide you with more clarity to those unresolved and buried thoughts and processes. After the session you should feel relaxed with more clarity, recharged and reconnected.

1 years of practice
On Core Spirit since May 2021

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Susan Shakti Evans
Sep 11, 2021

I could provide LaHoChi distant healing if not uk based. This is also a very powerful energy healing method. Find out more on my new website.

Susan Shakti Evans
Sep 11, 2021

Hi Joan. Thank you for making contact.

Crystal healing would definitely help towards sleep issue as reset the chakra and body system. We would also discuss underlining concerns to find root cause before the session.

During the session ypu may experience feeling sensations in your body and release through your breath and sigh and even sleep.

Are you London uk based? I provide sessions at millers way in shepherds bush £ 120 as covers the room hire aswell.

When are you free for a conversation?

Warm regards


Joan Wilson
May 7, 2021

Hello! I’ve been dealing with insomnia recently. I’ve already tried Swedish massage and self-massage to reduce the stress but nothing worked. Do you think a crystal healing session would help? If so, how many sessions are necessary to start noticing the results? Thanks in advance!

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