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$10 USD

I will listen to you with an open mind, you can freely express yourself with me, take your feelings and emotions out of you by talking with someone who will truly listen, and i will give you an spiritual advice, i will help you get more balance and i will guide you depending on how i perceive you.

I am here to listen and to guide you if you feel lost or if you just want someone to speak with to feel better.

The conversation could be by email or in video, as you wish, you are the one who decides, you can ask for advice, opinion, and self help.

If you decide to go by mail the price includes 5 mails! (5 you and 5 me)

I look forward to help you feel better :)

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Hello!! i am a free-spirit person, i love to share my knowledge and help others to become a better versions of themselves, i will help you to find more balance and connect with the love of the universe you have within you, i love topics related to the universe, chakras, energy, self development, emotional intelligence and law of attraction. i will hear you with an open mind and an open heart.

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Jess Rogers
May 15, 2021

Is coaching through email as effective as one to one session?

$10 USD
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